Monday, March 15, 2010

Silver Lining

If you're a runner you know how frustrating it is to take a forced hiatus from running.  Of course people that don't like to run look at us like we're crazy when we talk about how hard it is not to run.  It's the same look we get when we tell them that yes, we actually pay money to run in those races, and that they often sell out!  My own mom thinks its complete insanity.

This weekend the urge to run was almost unbearable.  The weather was sublime and we gained that extra hour of sunlight.  My Nikes were begging me to put them on and go blazing down the trails of Balboa Park.  Unfortunately, that was not even an option with this nuisance of a stress fracture I have- (which may be more severely fractured after my workouts last week).  Instead, I slipped on my brand new cycling shoes, clipped on my helmet and off I went into the sun for a solo cycling adventure.

I spent hours on the bike, by myself, with no agenda but to explore.  I rode along Mission Beach, Mission Bay and down through Mission Valley.  I took the path left, right, and at times left the path entirely to explore unfamiliar territory.  The heat of the sun felt like a warm blanket on my shoulders and the wind gusts coming off the ocean made for a heart-pumping workout at times.  As I rode along the palm tree lined streets of San Diego and its surrounding beach towns I felt gratitude.  I am lucky to have a bike, shoes and a helmet which allow me to go on these adventures.  I am blessed to have legs that still work and a heart that pumps every day.  These things may seem small, and we often forget them, but they are the silver lining to any obstacle you are faced with. 

We get injured, so what?  Is it really that devastating?  Well, the answer may be yes for some, but in the broad scheme of things they are just a test of our patience.  These are minor setbacks that force us to stop and appreciate the little things.  This weekend I definitely smelled the roses.


  1. hi kate,
    this is wonderful! i love reading anything and everything you have to say about any subject!

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