Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update on Kate

I am lessening my mileage this week in preparation for the San Francisco Half Marathon this Sunday and I am already itching for my next race.  Since training for a half marathon is similar to how I always run in terms of distance, I am looking forward to pushing my limits and running farther than ever before.    

Last week, I bit the bullet and registered for the Malibu International Marathon on November 14th.  I typed in the worn numbers from my credit card, entered my t-shirt size, clicked register and now it is official.  I will really run for 26.2 miles in Malibu.   I signed up for this race in particular because it is put on by Forever Runners, whose mission is to promote health and fitness and it is an eco-friendly event.  What really sold me is the marvelous coastal view along the way. 

I am so motivated and excited I can hardly sit still.  My mental countdown has begun and I am sifting through various training plans that will nicely intersect with my half marathon.  I am tossing around routes in my head and scouting out training partners for those arduous 18+ mile runs.   Any takers?

To top off my excitement I received a call from Noelle and my mom last night.  "Guess what?" screeched my 12-year old sister.  While I was expecting her to say she got another fancy gadget or a new dog or pony (which has been the case in the past) she actually surprised me with "we're coming to San Diego in November!".  She yelled with her excited giggle which always make me smile and miss her even more than I usually do.  Considering the huge age gap between us we are closer than ever.  Today, to push me over the edge of elation, I find out my Aunt Kate is also jumping on the bandwagon!  They will ALL be here to celebrate Noelle's birthday and to cheer me on at Malibu.    

While it won't be easy I know seeing their smiling, cheery faces will help me move forward one stride at a time on race day.  God knows I will need all the motivation I can get.  Their company and the loads of laughter they bring along will be a happy distraction before race day.

With happy thoughts on the brain I leave for San Francisco this Friday.  And, with any luck I won't miss my flight this time and will return with a splendid race report on Sunday for all of you.  

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend in San Fran!!  Kick boo-tay and most importantly, HAVE FUN! :)