Monday, July 26, 2010

Meatless Monday: Herbivore, San Francisco

One of my favorite things about San Francisco is the countless amount of veg-friendly restaurants and cafes.  I tried one in particular this past weekend and I felt I should pass it on in case you live in the Bay Area or you are planning a visit.

Herbivore is the name, and an abundance of vegan fare is the game.   They have 2 locations in San Fran and one that recently opened in Berkeley.    I found it on google maps and after reading mixed reviews I wanted to check it out for myself.

I was needing to refuel after pushing it for 13.1 miles on the streets of San Francisco.  I was pretty boring with my choices, but I have no regrets.  I ordered an avocado sandwich with fries and salad...I know, snooze fest!  Either way, the food was simply divine and there was no shortage of fantastic choices.  Everything is vegan so there is no need to ask questions about what contains animal secretions and what doesn't.  Everything is fair game and the menu is quite extensive.  This could be a challenge for the indecisive person.  

My Boring Lunch that hit the SPOT!

They serve breakfast until 1pm to my delight, as I was able to order a side of pancakes.  Rich but not overwhelming.  Can I say holy deliciousness!?  Angela had a tofu scramble breakfast burrito that was one of the most flavorful concoctions I have ever tasted in a tortilla.   Even the side salad tossed next to my sandwich was good.  Full of dark leafy greens, sliced beets and super tasty dressing; I managed to finish every bite.  I was impressed.  I would have loved to sample the entire menu, but I had a plane to catch and I wanted to fit into my seat (and my pants) on the flight back.

Vegan Pancakes ~ I died and went to heaven! 

Desserts are also fresh and available with vegan vanilla bean ice-cream as a topping!  While there are sweets on the menu there is not much sweetness to the service.  Our server was kind of blah but she did her job, so no major complaints.  She forgot to bring us our coffee (umm, hello, do you know I am an addict?) but when we eventually got it we were pleased with their brew and it's lovely smell. 

Tofu-Scramble Breakfast Burrito (with Black Beans, YUM!)

I wish there was an Herbivore in San Diego so I could eat my way through the whole menu.  It is the kind of place you can take your whole entire, meat-eating, picky family because everyone would be able to find something enticing on the menu.   :)