Thursday, July 1, 2010

Packing for Chicago

It is after 9:00 PM as I sit here still sweaty from my gym session, looking around the apartment wondering what to pack.  I leave for the airport tomorrow at the crack of dawn and I still have laundry to do. Procrastinate? Me? Never.

I love running for so many reasons I can hardly list them all.  I love that running is incredibly versatile and accessible.  While I can't pack an elliptical in my suitcase or dumbbells in my carry-on I certainly can throw a pair of running shoes in my bag and still make it through security. 

Tomorrow, I will arrive in Chicago for the first time since I moved to California 8 months ago.  I will be greeted by the somewhat crazy, exceptionally lively bunch that is my family.  I will willingly cram a ton of family time into just a few days.  As fun as this will be, it will also be tiring as I make my way from the suburbs to the city and all the way out to the rural town in which my mom resides.

Depending on where I decide to run I will either admire beautiful cows grazing in the tall grass or traipse along Lake Michigan marveling in Chicago’s architecture.  Either way I will satisfy my urge to run.  That little bit of quiet reflection and peace will do me good and give me the energy needed for a weekend packed with family parties. 

While I miss Chicago’s energy, culture and urban beauty I don’t think I will soon forget why I moved here.  Just last night I had the most gratifying run on the trails outside of my home.  I wove up and around the canyon with delight feeling like everything was right in my life.  Because it is.  

I live a pretty effortless life these days.  I work, run, practice yoga, cook, read and sleep.  I don’t chase after cabs or buses anymore and I am certainly never in a rush to get anywhere.  After all, this is California.  Nobody is ever in a rush.  I have become spoiled with an uncomplicated existence here and I expect to feel worn out after this activity-packed weekend.

Now it is close to 10:00 PM and I still have not packed my suitcase.  I am not stressed or crazed like I would have once been.  I am in no rush anymore.  In the end, as long as I remember my running shoes I will be just fine. 

Happy running & have a safe holiday weekend everyone!


  1. Beautiful as always. I'm sitting here thinking that you're about half hour into your flight. I'm probably the biggest crazy waiting for you, but it's ok that's how i like it. Crazy for you.
    I love you bigger every day.

  2. I could learn a thing or two from you. I am stressed and in a hurry more often than not.

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