Friday, July 9, 2010

Sweet Home San Diego

I remember tackling a massive hill a few months ago and saying, "the next time I run in Chicago it is going to feel like a piece of cake!”  The only hill you encounter when running through Chicago is when crossing a bridge; otherwise, it is flat.  I assumed because I have been running on the hilly terrain of San Diego I was stronger and tougher.  I figured since Chicago is a pancake, it should also be a piece of cake for a Californian like me.  I was mistaken.

I only ran one time while home in Chicago for 3 ½ days.  I forgot just how hot and humid the weather is in July.  As soon as I stepped outside I felt myself suffocating from the moisture in the air.  There is no ocean breeze.  Instead, hot gusts like heat coming off the back of a bus. It was rough!  Or, it is possible that I have become thin-skinned.  Either way, I was not a fan of running in that weather.  I had to take a 10 minute walk break at one point just to catch my breath.  I felt under-hydrated and eventually nauseous.  This may have been the one moment when I wished I was back on the beach in San Diego.  Luckily, that moment passed as quickly as it came.

My lovely sisters & beautiful nieces

Instead of running in the mornings I woke up with my family and enjoyed breakfast and conversation.  I was able to play with one of my 3 year old nieces and snuggle with the dogs.  I delighted in these uncharacteristic mornings with my family and wished they could last longer.  I was originally supposed to run a 10K with Angela and some of her family but I declined and spent the morning with my little sister and Bella.  Now that I am living on the west coast these mornings are all too rare. It was one of the best decisions I could have made.  I chose family over running, and I am so glad I did.

I have since returned to San Diego and my daily routine.  My days again involve a morning coffee with soy milk, work all day, an evening run or yoga and some time in the kitchen preparing a simple dinner.  I have had some fantastic runs and feel like myself again in that regard.  I love my days and the simplistic life I lead but I also miss my family.  I miss catching up on the happenings of my clever, 12-year old sister and spending the night on her bottom bunk.  I miss hugging my mom and holding Hubble the Schitzu like a newborn baby and I miss rubbing the bellies of both my pregnant sisters.  And, of course I miss the raucous laughter that ensues when my family comes together. Although I am far away I am certain I am a better sister, daughter, niece and aunt than I would be if I lived there, simply because I am happy.  I am living the life I have always desired and I know that shows. I hope I am an example to my nieces and my little sister that it is important to live their life in a way that feels right.  Maybe, just maybe, they will grow up to be runners and join me in races.  You never know!

Happy Running!

Back to the Ocean

This Week's Runs:
Mon: OFF- traveling
Tues: San Diego Track Club- 8x400s w/ warm-up and cool-down run
Wed: 8 mile tempo run (4.5 miles @ 7:30 pace)
Thurs: Rest
Fri: 5 mile run & 1 hr Hot Yoga
Sat: Slow, hilly trail run
Sun: 12 mile run


  1. I just now read your "About Kate" section. Wow! That's so amazing. That takes guts to drop everything and move to California on a whim like that. I admire you now even more than I did before!

    So glad you had a good trip home. :)

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