Monday, August 30, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

I may not have had a Sweet Sixteen party as a teenager, but trust me, after this weekend I know how SWEET 16 really is. 

Before my run on Saturday I felt nervous.  This is so abnormal for me it was almost confusing.  Why the heck would I be nervous to run?  The truth is, I was doubtful that I would be able to finish 16 miles, especially alone and feeling fatigued lately.

I picked a route called the 'Tour of San Diego' which is one giant loop around the city.  I wrote the directions down on an itty bitty piece of paper and stuffed them in my sports bra along with my iPod.  It is truly amazing how much one can store in a jog bra (especially if you don't have much boobage taking up space). 

It was chilly and overcast, perfect for a long run.  I made my way from Mission Beach to Ocean Beach which is filled with hippies and free spirits; I love it.  I continued along Sunset Cliffs Boulevard where monstrous waves crashed against the jagged rocks.  Eventually I was in Point Loma and running along the calm bay.

Miles ticked by without notice as I followed my handy-dandy directions to places I have never seen.  It was more like an adventure than just a long run.  I had no idea where exactly I was going, making each turn a surprise. Although I was alone, I was not lonely.  I wasn't able to complain to anyone about how hard the run was getting.  By not saying negative thoughts aloud they weren't able to come into existence.  I feel as though once I start complaining of aches, pains and tiredness it makes all of those things more real.  I was forced to say nothing and keep focused.  This turned out to be a huge advantage.

Sunset Cliffs

I felt strong, smooth and increasingly confident.  I started off doubtful and realized about halfway through that I can do this.  It is all about whether or not I want to do it; and trust me I wanted to run 16 miles.  I was gaining momentum with each stride and energy as each mile passed.  I was sure I would be exhausted by the end, but I felt exhilarated by mile 15 and finished fast.

Looking down at my watch and seeing 16.00 miles was more gratifying than I expected.  I was completely alone and had nobody to share my excitement with.  I stretched quietly with a slight smile on my face basking in that post-run bliss.  It is funny to think that I didn't have faith in myself, yet I ended up completing the entire 16 miles in less than 2.5 hours.

While it is great to have company on long runs, accomplishing a distance for the first time on your own provides a special kind of satisfaction.   I did it...


  1. Yay Kate! That is fantastic. You are quite the inspiration! Thank you

  2. Great job Kate! I know how amazing you must have felt at the end of it. I love that it became an adventure too...seems to help pass the time!

  3. That sounds amazing! I think you may have just inspired me to abandon my trusty out and back trail for my long run and try something new through the city! Be careful where you stash that iPod though -- my bra used to be my favorite place too and I'm pretty sure I ruined it with sweat. Congrats on your sweet 16!

  4. that sounds like a dream run! and i totally agree with you about not voicing anything negative. it really helps!! great job!

  5. wow - that is fantastic! what a run. thanks for your comments on my blog today - you are so sweet!!! i am somewhat of a newbie blogger still discovering my way and love when people find me! thanks for your positive feedback!

  6. What a great run! I'll have to remember it next time I'm in San Diego (BlogHer 2011????)

  7. Great Run Kate! I am so proud of you! What a great confidence booster! Just what you needed after a tough run last weekend. Running is just like life...we have our good days, our bad days and our GREAT days. Seems like you had a great day out there Saturday! :) Maybe we should run separate more often ;-)

  8. <>

    AWESOME! I know the feeling. I had an awesome solo run Sunday too (admittedly mine was half as long as yours, haha). I love running with R, but running alone - even naked (banish dirty thoughts, I meant without ipod or garmin) - can be really great and remind me why I run in the first place. I don't really run to be social, it's something I do for myself. I had a huge goofy grin on my face and kept smiling and waving to people as I passed!

  9. Belated congrats on the long run!!! That's awesome:)

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