Friday, August 27, 2010

Takin' it Easy

I stayed home from work today for the first time in well over a year.  Something has been off with me lately.  I started noticing it about a week ago.  My body and I are sort of pals, we tell each other everything.  I say sort of pals, because she tells me things and I often turn around and ignore her.  
I am a bad friend that way.

Lately, my body has been telling me it is completely and utterly exhausted.  This has transferred over to my attitude and I have been irritable and just not quite myself.   I have been craving foods full of fat and sugar, and have given in to many of those cravings this week.  I have also continued to push myself on my runs, even though my body is yelling "cut me some slack already!"  

Last night, I went to the gym to do a tempo run on the treadmill.  I was overwhelmingly fatigued so I decided to recline my seat and close my eyes for just a moment before I went inside.  A minute went by, then 10, then 30!  I fell asleep in my car, parked in the parking garage.  Is this normal?  I think, NOT.  This should have been enough indication that today was just not my day, but being the stubborn Taurus I am I walked my butt into the gym and grabbed ahold of the first treadmill I could find.

I started running and it felt like I was at mile 25 of a marathon (not that I know what that feels like yet).  I tried and I tried to muster up the energy to complete my tempo run, but I had to cut it short.  I was drenched in sweat, which is pretty uncommon for me, and I felt nauseous.  If you're wondering if I was dehydrated the answer is NO.  I was a good girl and drank a lot of fluids that day.  I called it quits and headed back to my car.  

Of course I was frustrated, because hello, I am training for a marathon... this can't happen!  Hopefully today's rest was enough to get me back on track.  I haven't been taking my iron supplement, and I think that may be part of the problem.  I have iron deficiency anemia, but with a supplement I am usually fine.  

While I was home today Frida (my fur baby) was a cuddly ball of love.  I think she sensed that I wasn't well because she was on her best behavior all day, cuddling with me and softly pushing her paws on my tummy.  

Today served as a little reminder:   When our body needs rest, we must fulfill its wishes!  If we keep pushing and pushing our engine will eventually blow out.  Be a good friend to your body and listen to what it says.  


  1. Good for you Kate. You have been going a 100 miles a minute recently! I am glad you rested and FINALLY listened to your body! I am sure you will be thankful you did come your next long run!

  2. Great advice! When is the marathon? I recall hitting a training wall when preparing for a marathon. Do you use a heart-rate monitor? Within the first 15 minutes or so of running my heart-rate gives me a good indication if I'm ready for speedwork or if I need to take it nice and easy. Another great way to listen to the body. Of course, falling asleep in the car trumps a heart-rate monitor ;)

  3. Sounds like Frida is a nicer friend to you than you are to yourself!

    Do you get regular checkups?

  4. Ahhh rest days are always a good thing! Except when you eat a bunch of brownies today like I did. ;)

  5. Just to clarify, I am feeling 100x better. I think I just needed some R&R. Just ran 16 miles and felt fantastic!! :)

  6. I've totally been there! Sometimes listening to our bodies can be like a game of telephone...I'm craving high fat carb heavy foods but my body is really saying "Rest! Rest! Rest!"

  7. Glad you're feeling better. Tackling a new diet and increasing mileage at the same time is probably contributing to the fatigue. Remember that rest days mean you truly rest, not substitute one hard workout for another. Everything in moderation. See you at work!

  8. HI - I'm training for my 4th marathon, first marathon as a vegetarian.
    Protein has been a HUGE issue!
    Training had been so hard, but as soon as I started eating more protein, my runs got easier.
    Make sure you know how much protein you need, for me it's something crazy like 64 grams.

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