Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Unexpected Medal

A great way to sneak in some speedwork is to run a 5k.  I learned that this weekend when Angela asked me to accompany her to the Philip Rivers 5k.   We thought it must be at some place called Philip Rivers, but we quickly learned that Philip Rivers is actually a football player.  We are totoally clueless about these things.  Angela has been training one of her clients for a 5k and this was her big day.  She was there to support her and cheer her on.   Angela is extremely dedicated and supportive of her clients.  Perfect example: Later that night we went out for some celebratory drinks with another one of her clients who had a goal of fitting into her "skinny" jeans on her birthday...and she did!

I tagged along to the 5k figuring it would give me a chance to throw in some speed without thinking about it.  This week was  a cut-back week in terms of mileage so it worked out nicely.  I showed up feeling kind of sluggish.  My legs felt tight, I was tired and let's face it, I haven't run before 9:00 AM in quite awhile.  The race was at Liberty Station in Point Loma on grass, sidewalk and dirt.  It was a nice race setting with some great entertainment afterward.  I had some issues with the 5k walk taking place while the race was still going on.  It was a 2 loop course so by the second loop I was dodging strollers and kids.

This picture is from the 
Balboa 8 but I just found it.  
Why are race photos always unflattering??

Without mile markers, I wasn't able to stop my watch and check my pace.  I had no idea if I was running fast or slow, I was just moving.  People started shouting "First female!" and "Here comes the first girl!"  I was very confused why they were yelling this at ME.  There were almost 800 runners, how could I be first?  Toward mile 2, I spotted Ang and she let me know I was the 2nd female.  I didn't see any women ahead of me so I couldn't really shoot for first.

I finished 2nd place overall female to my surprise.

 2 KATE BUNTENBACH  Age: 24 Time:21:37 Pace:6:58

Frida loves my medal :) 

At our first San Diego Track Club race Ang and I both placed in our age groups; me first, her second.  Mind you, it was a tiny race.  We love being in different age groups because we can potentially both get first.  The Philip Rivers 5k was a much larger race so I never expected to do so well.

In the mail today, Angela received something from the San Diego Track Club.  It was an award for placing 3rd in her age group at the Balboa Park 8 Mile race!   She had no idea she placed.  Needless to say, we both had some very pleasant running-related surprises this weekend.

Have a great end to the long weekend & Run Happy!

Out celebrating a client's Skinny Jeans!


  1. That's great, Kate! Congrats on the award!

  2. AWESOME! Sweet wins! What does Ang do?

  3. Congrats!! Those are the best moments. :)

  4. Awesome job at the race and congratulations on the awards!!

  5. Congrats on 2nd place! 21:37 is fast! A fun way to get your speedwork in!

  6. Way to go, Kate! And Angela too...the two of you are creating quite a collection of race wins.

  7. Good job to both of you!!!
    Now that was Inspiring :)

  8. wow!! nice place and super nice time! you're fast!

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