Friday, September 24, 2010

Hi, My Name is Kate and I'm a Run-aholic

My posts have been lacking inspiration lately, and I genuinely apologize for that.  When I am not running, I am not quite myself. I wish this wasn’t so.  I am far more irritable, uptight and unpleasant to be around.  (Sorry, Ang.)

Yes, I know – life is too short to be disappointed about something as silly as running.  Things could be worse; I could be in a wheelchair or I could be a starving child in Ethiopia, I get it.  I am also a big believer in a positive attitude and while I attempt to direct my thoughts they often do their own driving.  Running is like a good friend to me, so of course I miss it like crazy when it’s gone.

That said, I am running again and feeling like my usual high-energy self.  Last night I was able to complete 8 Yasso’s on the treadmill (still playing it safe) and ended up running 7 1/2 miles. Thank you to Miss. Zippy for the Yasso advice :)  I was ecstatic and practically bouncing off the walls when I left the gym. It was as if I took a hit off the crack pipe.  I could hardly sleep last night because I was so wired.

Got me thinking -- Am I addicted to running? Are you addicted to running?  Is this good?  Bad?  Neither?  Or is it just a LOVE for running?

Hmmm…  Love or Addiction?  When we injure ourselves, we do everything we can to return to the very activity that led to pain in the first place.  We work our a$$es off training, push with everything we have to the finish line, then we eagerly sign up for another race.  We are runners.  We have grotesque feet with blisters and black toe nails.  We go to bed early on Friday night so we can run like crazy Saturday morning.  We go both #1 and #2 outdoors when necessary, we eat enough carbs to make any dieter jealous and we spend our hard earned money on races.  

I am going to say this is LOVE, not addiction.   Mainly because it doesn’t interfere with my life, it enhances it.  It makes me a better friend, partner, employee, sister and daughter because I am more clearheaded and present when I run regularly.  I have more to offer.  One day I may have to give running up completely. Though this thought scares me I hope I will find acceptance and move onto something else that will bring me peace, joy and exhilaration.

Your thoughts?


  1. it's definitely a fine line for sure. i've noticed, however, that during times of stress i NEED running more. but i'm hoping that still keeps me on the love side of things :)

  2. There definitely is a bit of addiction hidden within my love of running. Yes, it's usually a healthy addiction, but consider the times we head out for our run in spite of illness, injury, etc.

    I know many people who are recovering alcoholics and drug addicts who seem to switch their addiction to running. Healthier, yes, but possibly an exhibition of their addictive personality. (both my husband and myself fall into that category, although it is due to running that I consider myself recovered not recovering)

  3. If this has been you uptight and unpleasant to be around, I'd love to see you on a good day!

    As far as addiction is concerned, there are worse things than being addicted to a healthy lifestyle. That would actually be marketable; 'Addicts, switch your addiction to running! Same high, less lows!' You could start a movement.

    Keep up the good work, both on and off of this site. I hope that you never have to give it up.

  4. Hi Kate,
    I joined your blog recently and i like it :)
    I think it is a love addiction relationship, you run because you love it but you do it again and again despite the pain or whatever just because you are addicted to it and addicted to the " Good Feeling "

    I am 32 weeks pregnant and i still run, do i love it or addicted to it? I really think it is a combination of both.

    keep up the good work :)

  5. We ALL get that way, hon! I've been nothing but an energy-vampire lately (been sick and just blurgh)! We run because we love it. We run because we love the high. We run because it's freedom. We run because it's good for us. We run because it's fun to go faster than most people, beep beep!

    I'm okay with the idea of that making me an addict. :D

  6. Research on addiction does demonstrate there are "positive" addictions. I do think the word addiction gives it an unhealthy connotation, but all the symptoms of an addiction are there... it becomes a priority, we feel withdrawal when we stop, and we persist despite negative consequences (injury, cost of races). So, yes, I think it's an addiction, but not a bad one by any means. Glad you're feeling better...injuries suck, no other way around it!

  7. Couldn't agree more! Running, when kept in balance with life in general, is a great enhancer. It's one of the top loves of my life!

    Thanks for the shout out! I noticed you've got Malibu on Nov. 14. We'll be marathoning the same weekend--mine is the 13th.

  8. I'd say it is a love too. Sure, it can border on addiction but as long as it's balanced, it's a good thing. Glad to hear you were able to run again...I know how it is to feel antsy but you've been playing it smart!

  9. I'd say love - as long as you keep a healthy perspective + really listen to your body when you need to take a breah (or choose the half!). thanks for visiting my blog last month - somehow i am just getting around to visiting you. don't know how that happened. in response to your comment on my blog - i would SO love to practice yoga with you and maybe get some running inspiration. maybe one day i'll take a trip to SoCal! Can't wait to continue to read!

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