Tuesday, September 14, 2010

STOP in the name of ... PAIN?

It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote a post titled Running Red Light.  Well, Sunday was another "Red Light" moment for me. 

I went out for my first 18 miler last Sunday on Coronado Island.  I made it out fairly early while the weather was cool and the clouds still covered the sun.  Everything was perfect, except my body.  Immediately I felt the same tightness that had been bugging me for the past few days, but I didn’t want to call it pain.  I started having that mental talk with myself that goes, “Is this pain or just discomfort?” Then I begin to wonder, “Am I being wimpy or does this actually hurt?” The conclusion I usually draw is that I am just fine. I have come to realize that if I am asking these questions in the first place there is probably something wrong.  Does anyone else have this ridiculous conversation with themselves?

Somehow I managed to finish 17.25 miles at about 8:45/mi- 8:50/mi pace. Once I finished I stretched for awhile and drove home.  I was only in the car 5 minutes before I got home but as soon as I put my foot down I knew something was wrong.  I hobbled into my apartment and have been limping around ever since.

After working in a physical therapy clinic back in Chicago I have seen my fair share of running related injuries.  I am aware that I have a very weak gluteus medius which causes my IT Band issues on the left side.   Your gluteus medius is extremely important for stabilization during running.  So, yeah...I am imbalanced.  I know what you're thinking; MENTALLY?  Well, yes... but let's focus on my leg.

When I started feeling that familiar twinge I began doing my “butt exercises” as I like to call them.  These include side steps, clams, hip abductions, etc.  Unfortunately, I think I began all of this a bit too late.  If only I had been proactive

While I hear the words “overuse injury” all too often and have suffered from a few myself, I can say with confidence that this is not one of those.  I am on the "less-is-more" training plan, have not increased mileage or pace too quickly and I give myself 2 rest days each week. 

I may not have a very sexy swagger right now but I am trying to stay positive.  I continue to limp, stretch, foam roll and limp some more.  I am thinking positive thoughts as I rest this week.  I want to get back to the fun stuff.  Training thus far has been incredibly enjoyable for me and I have loved the long distances.  Running more than 2 hours feels far more fabulous than I expected.  I can’t think of many things I would rather do right now.  I am starting to see why people think runners are crazy… but of course I strongly disagree.

On a good note my sister Rachael, her partner John & my niece Bella were in town this past weekend!
Here are some pictures from our day at the beach...

The way to a 3 year old's heart = Ice-Cream         Me & my sister - She is preggo with #2 :)
...Me & Ang, of course!
Bella called this "mermaiding". 
I love that kids can get away with being topless :)