Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Treadmill Horror Story

After 8 very long days I laced up my Brooks and went for a run.  I played it safe and ran on the treadmill.  I have a love-hate relationship with this piece of equipment.  I love that I can easily complete speed work and tempo runs without constantly checking my Garmin.  I hate that every stride on the TM is a cautious one for me.  I have sound reason on this one, hear me out.  

Years ago, in college, while running on the treadmill at the rec center I took a spill and flew off the back end.  Picture my little blonde ponytail bouncing around and then suddenly, GONE.  The treadmill was placed so conveniently in front of a wall so I had nowhere to go; real smart ISU Rec Center.  The belt grabbed my hair and didn't let go.  As it went round and round, my head whacked the treadmill over and over again.  Mortified.  

My best friend Brittani watched in horror but was in too much shock to actually help me out (thanks, Britt - I'll never forget it!) ;-)  I had rug burns on my shoulder and what's worse is that I had to do the walk of shame down the line of treadmills and ellipticals as everyone watched (or so it felt).  I will never look at a treadmill the same again.... 

The good news is, I managed to stay ON the treadmill tonight and ran a total of 5 miles.  It seems like a warm-up in comparison to the 20 miles I was scheduled to complete last weekend.  I would have run 6 but I had a Skype date with Brittani and had to cut it short.   Yes, the same Brittani that stared at me as the treadmill ate my hair and beat me up.  We're still friends. ;-)  

The first few miles of my run tonight felt funny.  I was like Forrest Gump in the scene where he breaks out of his leg braces and starts running for the first time.  My legs had to get reacquainted with the motions.  All 5 miles were pain-free and I have high hopes of continuing my training where I left off.  If all goes well you will be reading about me crossing the finish line at the Malibu Marathon!