Sunday, September 26, 2010

Unofficial Summer in San Diego

This summer was much cooler than usual by about 10 degrees on average.  Being my first summer in San Diego I thought it was ideal.  I was tired of the extreme temps in Chicago and loved the recent fall-like days, neither hot nor cold.   I couldn't ask for better running weather.

This weekend, right as we entered fall, the thermometer hit the 80s and 90s.  The warmth of the nights reminds me of Chicago.  It was perfect for the Padres game we went to on Friday.  Beforehand, we sat outside at a little Italian cafe where we shared some pasta and red wine...and an entire basket of bread.  At the baseball game we were seated in the very front row in front of first base.  If I were a sports fan I would be ecstatic, but unfortunately neither Ang nor myself enjoy baseball.   We only stayed a few innings (the tickets were free) then went on our merry way into the "summer" night.

Angela Sitting by the Opponent's Bullpen

I set out for 16 miles the next morning on Coronado Island and was completely wiped out by the end.  Angela joined me for the first 5.5 before heading back.  I trudged along feeling the sweat drip down my neck, forehead and even my legs.  I brought a tiny bottle of sports drink along which proved to be too little.  There was a water fountain spewing ice cold H2O along the way.  It was heavenly.  How often is the water actually cold?  Almost never, thank you Running Gods!  I chugged and chugged and chowed down a Clif Bar.  I doused practically my entire body in the icy cold water which helped for probably 5 minutes.

I continued on my sweaty way, finishing 16 miles up with an average pace of 9:06/mi.  That's much slower than my last long run but considering the pain and time off I just had I will gladly take it.  Running slower than normal is far better than not running at all.

I am still uncertain as to whether or not I will be able to run the full Malibu Marathon in November.  I may end up switching to the half.  My left leg hurts from top to bottom today.  I know my body well and it doesn't seem good.  If I can't complete the 26.2 in November I am thinking Chicago Marathon 2011??  A good hometown race would be quite nice for a first marathon.  Familiar faces, flat course and plenty of time to train properly.  At the gym tonight they were showing Chicago's WGN News which was extremely odd - maybe it was a sign from the running gods!  

I wonder which marathon will be my first...

The Malibu International Marathon

Chicago Marathon

Only time will tell...