Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Yogic Lesson

Instantly when I awoke this morning I knew I needed a nice, long yoga session. I was so antsy for asana that I did some cat cows and downward facing dogs in my PJs while listening to my usual morning podcast in front of the mirror.  All day at work I continued to crave that time on my mat.

Class was not until 7:30 PM but eventually it came. I showed up early, for once, and found out the class was full and I didn’t pre-register, darn it!  I put my name on the waiting list and waited patiently in hopes that some yogis would not show up.  I started thinking maybe someone won’t be able to find a parking spot and miss their chance.  How yogic is THAT?  The parking situation is horrendous near my yoga studio and I have dealt with the frustrations many times, yet I was wishing it upon someone else.

While waiting I met another wait-lister who happened to be one of the nicest women I have ever randomly met. She seemed calm and content just waiting. She didn’t seem to be worried about whether or not she would get in. One by one people were given passes and then it was just us two. She smiled at me and I secretly wondered whose name was higher on the list. We chatted and joked as we passed the time. The instant a staff member told us we could both take the class I leaped up in a rush to get in the hot, sweaty 95 degree room. My fellow yogini calmly asked the staff “are you sure we aren’t taking someone else’s spot?” To this, I felt like a jerk as I was already halfway into the classroom.

During class I started wondering why I am not calm like that woman.  I speed to the studio, become frustrated in traffic and sometimes curse when I can’t find a parking spot.  All of these negative feelings surface right before I step into the classroom where I am supposed to still my mind and focus my breath.  With that being said, there are many times I am calm, I promise!  There are just too many instances when I am not.

I sweat through my beautifully uplifting practice feeling better with each pose.  I listened to Zoe sing ‘Come Away with Me’ by Norah Jones while strumming her guitar as we lay in Savasana.  All is well that ends well…

As I walked out of class  tonight, I reminded myself that I need to live yoga in and out of the studio; on and off the mat.  It is not simply a physical practice.  I need to practice mindfulness at my desk, in the car and as I eat.  I should be working on finding balance in all aspects of my life including work, my training and my social life.  I have to remember to send out positive, radiant energy if I expect to get it back.  In the busyness I must find stillness

It's funny how I learned more in the waiting room than on my mat tonight.  That woman had no idea her benevolent demeanor and grace would be a lesson to me; and if I ever see her again I will thank her...with grace.