Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Be Seen, Be Safe, Run Naked.

It's that time of year again.  5:00 pm rolls around and it's completely dark.  I still need to run so I change into my running gear and off I go into the night.  If you're like me and can't imagine wearing a bright orange reflective vest or a headlamp there is an alternative.  You can be safe and still look cute.  How, you ask?  Run Naked.  

Not literally (although that can be fun.)  To avoid a citation for indecent exposure I wear Run Naked clothing.  This is by far my favorite running gear (and NO I did not get paid to say that).   I rarely ever rave about products, so when I do, it means it must be damn good.  Run Naked Sports makes reflective running clothing that is both fashionable and comfortable. 

Last night on my run I felt all flattered because I thought someone was checking me out as they ran by.  Then I realized they were just reading RUN NAKED on my t-shirt.  Oh well.  A girl can pretend...
Check out that sweet reflection!

Call me vain but I don't want to sacrifice style for safety unless I have to.  That is why I LOVE this line.  It is comfortable and light so it's great for running and yoga.  No one can miss you in Run Naked gear because let's face it, it's too damn cute!  Even if you run indoors on the treadmill it's a must have and can be a great conversation starter at the gym.  (I'm just sayin'...)

There are Run Naked tanks and sweatshirts as well.  All of them are stylish, comfy and reflective.  You can buy everything online, just click here.

 Reflector on the back as well.

I am lucky enough to know Joan personally (the founder of Run Naked Sports) and she is as awesome as they come.  She is a runner herself so she understands the need for safe running clothes that are both comfortable and cute.  If you care about supporting small businesses this is one you can trust and love.  Before you buy more gear from Nike or New Balance, check out Run Naked Sports and get even better garb while supporting a female-run business.   Run Naked gear is a great holiday gift idea for all of your runner friends.  I would like a racer-back tank myself (hint, hint). 

Meet Joan!
How's that for a killer runner body?

As soon as they start making Run Naked pet gear,
Frida will be stylin' too.


  1. I think they'll hire you for their next model--you look great in their stuff!

  2. Okay.


    I NEED a run naked shirt - I am 100% sure of this!

    YAY for female business owners!!!!!!

  3. That is a great idea and all runners should have.
    :) Thanks for the info.

  4. AWESOME stuff! I agree with the commenter should get paid for modeling their gear! I run before the sun comes up (back when I was running, sigh) and I know I need reflective gear but like you, I didn't want to sacrifice fashion for safety. (you know, I need to dress to impress all those heading home on that walk of shame at 5 AM). Thanks for sharing!

  5. Those are really cute clothes. And Frida is so big and cute! You be safe and don't run alone! I love you!!

  6. Sooo cuuuute! Seriously, I am addicted to workout clothes. I cannot sweat in ugly clothes (oh the irony) and i swear I have a better workout wardrobe than a real one! Will def. check out Joan's stuff!

  7. you look so cute in your run naked outfit!! :D go you! :)

  8. ooohhh i looove runnign naked! hahahha

    im going to check out the website now.

    ps. new reader! :)

  9. Hey there! I just stumbled on your blog because there was a mention that you ran Malibu (just there myself) on the Thirty Schmirty blog. And first thing I read is on running naked! Caught my attention! I love the gear. I've been so struggling with the dark lately. I just might have to grab myself some of this stuff. Very effective advertising!

  10. You look FABULOUS in the gear and it is super cute! I agree with EMZ...power to the female business owners!!!

  11. yogi, surfer, and runner? I love your blog.


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