Monday, December 20, 2010

20 Miles Done & Xmas Came Early!

I learned this weekend that running 20 miles (in windy and rainy conditions) can be tons of fun.  Sunday marked my very first 20 mile run... ever.  I was excited about this milestone all morning so I annoyingly urged Ang to hurry up so we could run.  She decided to take her time doing laundry and sending work emails.  Clearly she isn't training for her first marathon.  I sat there and tapped my foot with my arms crossed like a kid waiting to open my birthday presents.  Finally (2 hours later) she was done and I was able to embark on my first 20 mile adventure. 

I laughed at us as we headed out the door.  Wearing knee high compression socks and a fanny pack with water bottles has to be the dorkiest get-up known to man.  Runners are quite a funny breed.  I was thinking about how 5 years ago I wouldn't be caught dead traipsing around like this.  Now, it's part of my wardrobe just like high heels and big earrings. 

The first several miles were somewhat downhill.  A nice and easy way to start out a long run.  Eventually the strong winds came and blew us all over the place.  Several times I ran straight into Ang.  The rain came and went and didn't phase us one bit.  We talked and laughed the entire way.  I made up a few songs about our 20 mile adventure and sang them to Ang, just like any other day.

As I said, the first few miles were downhill.  That meant our last few miles were uphill and let me tell you it was not easy.  We pushed through them and continued on home, still smiling.  As soon as the Garmin looked like this, we stopped.  You could practically hear our brakes come to a screeching halt.

I felt absolutely no pain during the run but as soon as I stopped all of the fatigue came rushing in.  Suddenly walking felt like the challenge.  We stretched, iced and Ang fed me some concoction with Glutamine for muscle recovery.
As you can see, I use frozen corn and peas for icing.  They work great - especially the more expensive, organic type. 

I woke up today with barely any tightness or soreness.  I have to give major thanks to my mom for my new compression socks.  Typically my calves are barking on long runs but with these suckers they were perfectly content.  Mind you, these are not the Rite Aid version and I noticed a huge difference when I upgraded.  I highly recommend a quality pair.  It's like giving your overworked muscles a tight hug.

At work today I received one gift after another.  It started with a few little goodies from my Secret Santa and was followed by UPS and FedEx deliveries.

Vegan cookies from my fabulous Step-Dad, Rich!
I truly am a Cookie MONSTER.

...and then came my brand new Brooks from Mama Bear.
Brooks Ghost 3 - Completely Awesome :) 
Thanks, Mom!