Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hallucinations & The Dreaded Spin Bike

While doing a tempo run on the treadmill the other night I learned that nutmeg is the latest drug for teens.  I promise, it was on the nightly news.  Apparently it has a hallucinogenic affect when snorted.  Where was nutmeg when I was 16?  I'm pretty sure I only used it in cookies.  What a goodie goodie.  Parents, be warned if your teen suddenly becomes interested in baking.  On the upside, I'm sure it's safer than heroine.

Enough about that.  My runs have been almost too perfect this week.  That is, until I came down with a fever and had to sit one day out.  It was completely fine because I probably needed to ease up for a day.  After two injuries this year, I have become little Miss. Conservative Kate.  I still can't stand Sarah Palin (unlike my mother) but I now follow the "rules" of running.  That 10% rule has been keeping me from doing too much, too soon.  I hate rules and I've always been known to be a rule breaker (or bender) but "better safe than sorry" is my new motto.  I WILL make it to the starting line of the Surf City Marathon injury-free.  So far, so good.  I have 18 miles to run tomorrow and I don't want to jinx myself now.

Sticking with my new conservative plan, I hit the spin bike today at the gym.  This has to be my absolute  least favorite method of exercise.  I would rather do jumping jacks for an hour than get on that damn bike but I know it's good for me.  It's low-impact, yada yada yada.  It's actually not too bad if I bring the Mac and watch old episodes of The L Word.  I try to make the best out of  a workout I can't stand.

Oh, how I miss my pretend TV lesbian friends!

That's my handy dandy set-up.  I high-jack the spin room and set up my little station like so.  It definitely helps to pass the time when you can watch whatever you please.

This morning I received a few text messages with photos of the first snowfall from my family.  In response I sent a picture of myself sitting outside in a tank-top and shorts before hitting the gym.  I know, I'm such a brat.  I'll have to suck it up next Friday when I go back for a visit.  It will be well worth the snow and cold when I meet my brand new niece, Sophia.  She'll only be one day old when I step off the plane.
I send pictures like this when it's 10 below in Chicago...
Ahh ~ How I love our pool.  

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend.  Good luck to those running the RNR Las Vegas Marathon!  Knock 'em dead.  If it doesn't go well, there's always nutmeg.