Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hard Nips and Running Inspiration

Thanksgiving was a success!  Our food turned out edible, unlike last year when we dumped it all down the disposal and ate store bought stuffing and pie.  For the first time in my life I did not overindulge or feel stuffed.  I actually woke up hungry the next morning!  


Thanksgiving is for Lovers :)

Prior to cooking our veg feast for 2, Ang and I went for a Thanksgiving run.  A Turkey-less Trot, ya might say.  It was in the mid-60s with perfectly clear skies.  We ran through Balboa Park and past several games of football.  I think we probably smiled the entire 5 miles. 

Two days later we found the same bliss as we ran along the coast up north in Del Mar.  The sun was setting as we ran along the Torrey Pines trail set high on the cliffs.  We made our way back down along the beach and stopped to enjoy the final moment before the sun fell out of sight.  Everything seemed miraculous.  The feeling of my feet in the sand, the power of the ocean, the pink left lingering in the sky after the sunset.  It was surreal.  I felt lucky to have such incredible runs back to back like this. 

Last night, yet again, I had a perfect run.  I needed it after a morning of bad luck involving a broken pants' zipper and a brand-new broken travel mug.  I set out at 6pm when San Diego starts to cool off tremendously.  I wore running tights and a zip-up running top to stay warm.  My nipples we hard as rocks and it took about 5 minutes before I had sensation in my toes.  I had the Garmin on but ignored it and ran free.  I wound up running much longer and faster than anticipated and felt such a high nearly the entire time.  I kept thinking to myself, I am so lucky to be a runner and to have this in my life. Do you ever feel this way?  Complete and total gratitude for my body and the act of running.

I checked the temperature on when I returned home and it turns out it was 59 degrees.  I promise you, my skin and blood have changed!  My tough Chicago skin has withered away.  It's been replaced with California wussy skin.   I'm not proud of this.

Later that night Ang and I watched Running the Sahara, a completely inspirational running film about 3 pretty intense guys on a mission.  I think it's a must-see.  If you thought Running on the Sun and Ultra Marathon Man were intense, you'll be blown away by this documentary.  It makes a marathon look like water aerobics.  It's almost laughable that I think 26.2 is a far way to go.  These guys ran 4,300 miles in 111 days through the Sahara!  This is more than 164 marathons in a row! 

Has anyone else seen Running the Sahara?  What did you think? 
What movies inspire you?


  1. Love the photo.

    I just saw a recipe last week that looked very similar to the squash photo you took. LOOKS amazing!!

    I love how you enjoy the simple things and are such a grateful person. It does not go unnoticed.

  2. Love the title, especially that you have to read the whole post to know what you're talking about.

    And I love the run along the cliffs in Del Mar. One of my favorites when I'm in the SD area.

    I haven't seen Running the Sahara, but it sounds like something that should be on my list.

  3. I'm so happy you're back to running! I am also a little jealous :) I don't frequently have "perfect" runs, even at my peak my runs are usually pretty slow and a struggle. I sometimes wonder what it takes to get to that place that so many runners seem to get to.

  4. great post! Whenever I feel pain running, I remind myself hat many would trade places with me to feel pain and run.

    Your Thxgiving pic is gorgeous!

  5. Both Thanksgiving and Saturdays run in Del Mar were amazing. I am very grateful that my body allows me to take it through running miles after miles. But I am most grateful that I get to run most of these miles next to you. Taking our moment after the sun set on the beach brings me back to some of our first runs along the Lakefront path in Chicago. No matter where life takes us I hope we always have these amazing runs together :)

  6. I saw Running the Sahara and I was blown away by how *NOT* a big deal they seemed to act like that amount of running was. I can't imagine.

    Great photos!

  7. Adorable dress! I'm recently coming back from an injury so I completely identify with this: "Complete and total gratitude for my body and the act of running."

    Well put.

  8. great post.. best post title I have seen in awhile


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