Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chicago Cold and a Brand New Life!

I've been MIA from the blog scene this past week.  It's been a whirlwind of family, work and holiday busyness.  I went back to Chicago this past weekend to visit family.  I was able to make my rounds and see just about everybody.  Here's a recap in pictures:

We had a company holiday party at the Prado.
I saw my dad for the first time in almost 3 years.

"I wanted a Mercedes!"
I celebrated my niece, Bella's 4th Birthday

I held my brand new niece, Sophia. 
She is only 3 days old in this picture.

Here is proof that Bella smiles and she doesn't hate us all.

While I was home (in the Midwest) I was reminded of what a hassle it is to go for a run.  I have become accustomed to throwing on my Brooks and running out the door.  Instead I had to bundle up and drive all the way to Lifetime Fitness with my sister's partner because it was too cold and icy outside.  She lives in the burbs so a car is absolutely required, unlike when I lived in the city.  Our first attempt failed because I forgot my photo ID.  Eventually I managed to get a 12 mile run in on the treadmill.  I finished with yet another bloody sock.  How do I not feel my foot bleeding!? 

I was actually supposed to run 20 miles, but I am not EMZ so that was out of the question. 

Speaking of EMZ, the first thing I saw as I entered my apartment back in San Diego was a little brown package from the one and only.  I won one of these awesome shirts...
I will model it for you soon enough (but don't expect me to look half as good as Emz herself).

I had such a fantastic time at home visiting with my wonderfully crazy, fun family.  I wasn't quite ready to say good-bye to everyone.   Only my family comprehends my strangeness and they're the only people I know that are equally as nuts as I am.  They don't fully understand why I eat pizza without cheese or why I run if it gives me nasty feet and injuries, but they get the jyst of my oddness.  We are one lovingly goofy, raucous bunch and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I arrived back in San Diego on Tuesday.   Ang picked me up from the airport, we went home to dump my bags and then off for a late night run.  It was strange going from one degree weather straight to running in a tank-top.  Polar opposites, the midwest and the west coast.

All is well on the marathon training front.  I have been running pain-free and feeling fabulous.  I am continually inspired by all of you that run and write out there.  The blogosphere is where I turn whenever I need a little inspiration.  I have a 5 mile, super HILLY race on Saturday, put on by Anne followed by my first ever 20 miler on Sunday.  I am practicing with gels and vitalyte.  Hopefully this time nothing I bring is expired.

Cheerio, darlings!