Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Kicks and Popping Pills

It is raining cats and dogs in San Diego!

I just visualized that sentence. Can you imagine? I would rescue as many of those animals as possible and I would find me a Pug to name Ellen.  It would be much easier to convince Angela to get a dog.  I wouldn’t have to send her emails full of furry faces that need adopting. If only….

Our future fur-child

I digress.  The weather has been pretty awful, by San Diego’s standards.  Rain, rain and more rain.  I took my run to the treadmill last night and guess who I saw?  The guy from the other night when I almost crapped myself.  He waved and smiled, so clearly he doesn’t read my blog (thank goodness).

I ran in my brand new Brooks Ghost running shoes and they felt fantastic.  Usually new shoes feel funny on the first few runs but these fit like a glove and I ran faster than usual.  Maybe they’re magic!  All Brooks shoes (with the exception of their walking shoes) are vegan, which was the primary reason I switched over from Nike.  I was completely sold after my first pair.  I’m a Brooks girl now. 

What shoe brand are you loyal to?

After my run, I went home and took a hot shower.  Those are the best on cold, rainy days.  I could stay in there until my fingers are soggy if Angela didn't remind me how wasteful it is.  She keeps me in check. 

Then it was pill time. When I set all of the pill bottles out on the nightstand I couldn’t help but laugh at how many there were.

We have pills up the wazoo! I am a firm believer that if one eats a varied plant based diet, one does not need to supplement. However, I am far from perfect and oftentimes I eat a can of soup or peanut butter toast for dinner.  I don’t always get everything I need in the foods I eat.  This is probably true for most of us.  On a perfect day I will eat loads of vegetables and fruits, plenty of protein and some healthy fats.  Most days aren’t perfect, so bring on the pills!

Angela just recently stocked us up. We have antioxidant pills for the days we don’t eat enough fruits and veggies. We take Calcium, Iron and B12 daily (I was anemic even as a meat eater).  Ang introduced me to Glutamine for muscle recovery and then there is Joint Support that Angela takes.  Taking a handful of pills before bed isn’t always fun, especially when they’re the size of olives, but it’s worth it.  I do it for my bones, my muscles and all my tiny cells.  My body is so good to me.  As its owner I need to make sure it gets everything it needs. 

Do you take supplements? What kind?
Do you prefer to take them in the morning or evening?


  1. I'm a Brooks girl too - love their shoes and their company. Love them so much that I applied to be on their Inspire Daily team, and they accepted me. As for supplements, I take some Vitamin D regularly, but that's about it. I should probably do B12 since I'm switching over to mostly vegan eating. It's a lot to take in!

  2. WOW! I really wanted the Brooks Silence for all the reasons you mentioned but I loved how the Saucony Kinvaras fit. We'll see how they work out when I return to running after the holidays. I think my hip is finally healed!

    For supplements, I take B12 once weekly since my almond milk is fortified. Daily (when I remember) I take a multi and iron (just for insurance)in the morning and calcium (because my dr recommends for all women, vegan or not) in the evening. I split up the iron and multi (which has iron in it) from the calcium because iron supposedly inhibits the absorption of calcium. I take the calcium at night because it's supposedly calming. Now I want to take glutamine and joint support because obviously my body needs all the help it can get! Are glutamine and joint support usuaully vegan?

  3. I'm a new balance girl but I will go with a lower priced show if need be. I used to take just a multiple but I stopped bc I got lazy with taking them!

  4. I've been wearing Asics Kayanos for years, but now that I know that Brooks are vegan, I may just have to try them out.

    I take B12 a few times a week and a multi-vitamin daily. I found a line of vegan vitamins on Amazon:

    BTW, the recommendations for vitamin D have just been changed, so you might want to look into that.

    QVR-Careful of joint support supplements, they may contain shark or even beef cartilage.

  5. I think you could give most senior citizens a run for their money with that stash! I don't take any...I probably should at least pop a multi, but I don't. : (

    I run in Brooks as well!

  6. I'm an Asics girl. I actually freaked out when they stopped making gel cumulus 10s after owning 3 pairs of them. I take a multi everyday. Do you take Beta Alanine? I read that it's good for distance runners, but I've never tried it.

  7. AJ- Luckily, like most things, you can always find a vegan version. A lot of brands have glycerin and other animal products.
    Check outL

    Affordable and vegan! :)
    I am sure to always take my Iron and Calcium with Vitamin C because it helps with absorption. Whether that be lemon in my water or the antioxidant supplement (which contains acai). So much to think about! It can give you a headache.

  8. Thanks for your sweet comment Kate! I think I got lucky with the lighting and gravity on my beach shot!

    I was wondering how you supplemented your diet. Did you go straight vegan or veg then vegan? I don't know if I could give up fish though!! :)

    I take Calcium and Fish Oil, but might need iron too as the last time I tried to donate blook, my hemoglobin was too low :(

  9. Thanks Kate and Debbie! I will have to add those to my vitamins. I usualy take my vitamins with lemon in my water because most of my water has lemon in it - so good!

  10. I always say - the more (comments) the merrier! Keep 'em coming!

    I do have a high arch. And some enormous calf muscles. It's like the chicken and the egg. I wonder whether I run the way I do because of those reasons or if I have a high arch and big calves because I run that way. I guess I'll never know...

    Either way, glad to hear I'm not alone out there!

  11. I used to be a strict Asics girl, but after my calf injury I switched to Brooks and am in LOVE.

    I take lots of vitamins and supplements, usually at night when I'm lecturing my boyfriend to do the same. ;)

  12. Brooks gal here, too!

    I take a women's multi-vitamin and a calcium/magnesium/Vit D supplement each morning. I take a 3000 mg B12 lozenge once a week. I also take a probiotic and food enzyme twice a day with food but that isn't about nutrients, it's about digestion ;)

    I want that pug.

  13. Hey I'm new to your blog, just wanted to say hi!

    I take a One a Day multi-vitamin, Fish Oil supplement, and biotin. I also have to take the anti-biotic doxycycline to help ward off malaria, here in Africa.

  14. I started running in the Glycerin and the Ghost, love them both. But still race short in my Kinvara's. guess I am a mixed breed runner!

  15. You are adorable! I LOVE LOVE your blog! Running in new shoes is the best...brooks are amazing! I want that puppy in the picture! We are in San Clemente and I could not believe the rain, thank goodness it finally stopped! I take a multivitamin, glucosamine and calcium:)

  16. I'm glad to know that Brooks are vegan. I have been wearing Asics for the last year or more--got fitted and those seem to be best for wide feet. Will have to ask about the Brooks next time. Thanks!

  17. P.S. I am involved in dog rescue if you and Ang ever decide you want a German Shepherd from Georgia! :)


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