Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Kicks and Popping Pills

It is raining cats and dogs in San Diego!

I just visualized that sentence. Can you imagine? I would rescue as many of those animals as possible and I would find me a Pug to name Ellen.  It would be much easier to convince Angela to get a dog.  I wouldn’t have to send her emails full of furry faces that need adopting. If only….

Our future fur-child

I digress.  The weather has been pretty awful, by San Diego’s standards.  Rain, rain and more rain.  I took my run to the treadmill last night and guess who I saw?  The guy from the other night when I almost crapped myself.  He waved and smiled, so clearly he doesn’t read my blog (thank goodness).

I ran in my brand new Brooks Ghost running shoes and they felt fantastic.  Usually new shoes feel funny on the first few runs but these fit like a glove and I ran faster than usual.  Maybe they’re magic!  All Brooks shoes (with the exception of their walking shoes) are vegan, which was the primary reason I switched over from Nike.  I was completely sold after my first pair.  I’m a Brooks girl now. 

What shoe brand are you loyal to?

After my run, I went home and took a hot shower.  Those are the best on cold, rainy days.  I could stay in there until my fingers are soggy if Angela didn't remind me how wasteful it is.  She keeps me in check. 

Then it was pill time. When I set all of the pill bottles out on the nightstand I couldn’t help but laugh at how many there were.

We have pills up the wazoo! I am a firm believer that if one eats a varied plant based diet, one does not need to supplement. However, I am far from perfect and oftentimes I eat a can of soup or peanut butter toast for dinner.  I don’t always get everything I need in the foods I eat.  This is probably true for most of us.  On a perfect day I will eat loads of vegetables and fruits, plenty of protein and some healthy fats.  Most days aren’t perfect, so bring on the pills!

Angela just recently stocked us up. We have antioxidant pills for the days we don’t eat enough fruits and veggies. We take Calcium, Iron and B12 daily (I was anemic even as a meat eater).  Ang introduced me to Glutamine for muscle recovery and then there is Joint Support that Angela takes.  Taking a handful of pills before bed isn’t always fun, especially when they’re the size of olives, but it’s worth it.  I do it for my bones, my muscles and all my tiny cells.  My body is so good to me.  As its owner I need to make sure it gets everything it needs. 

Do you take supplements? What kind?
Do you prefer to take them in the morning or evening?