Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Peace, Love and John Lennon

I remember being a skinny kid in my awkward stage, dancing around the tiny living room of our suburban townhome.  My mom, my sisters and I would sing along to "Stand by Me", "Beautiful Boy" and "Instant Karma" by John Lennon.  I have a whole slew of childhood memories I'd love to forget but these are the ones I treasure.  I loved this time with them enjoying music, feeling free.   I still remember Friday nights when we'd go out for pizza and play the juke box.  We'd slide our dollars in and fight over which songs we'd play.  The one artist we could always agree on was John Lennon.  

At a young age my mom shared the story of how he died and where she was when she heard the news.  Although many years after his death, I was saddened that this man that made such beautiful music was killed.  Today marks 30 years since that very day.  

I've always felt a strong connection to his lyrics and his messages of peace and truth.  I admire him for his honesty, his activism and his artistry.  I'd like to pay tribute to a man that inspired and moved me since childhood.  A man that spoke his truth like we all should speak our own.