Thursday, December 9, 2010

Running With Recycled Passion

Sometimes recycling someone else's passion can make for a really fast and powerful run. 

How?  Through music.  I know many runners that prefer only to run au natural.  I can understand this, but sometimes it is nice to change things up.

I love running.  Clearly.  What I've found is, my love for running overflows when I listen to music that explodes with passion.  It often heightens my sense of pleasure.  The music must be from an artist that pours them self into the lyrics and the instrumentals.  The type of music that you can feel in your bones.

I choose passion-filled, heart felt music.  The energy of the music enters me and I move effortlessly.  The exhilaration is almost unbearable.  Runner's high, defined in that moment.  I beg you to try it.

Losing yourself in the unadulterated sounds of music while engaging your body through the movement of running is magical.  Everything simply comes together and it feels incredible.
I had a run today so good I could feel it in my toes, my stomach, my hands and my heart.

I certainly don't depend on music to run because the act itself feels so good.  Sometimes all I need is the sound of my footfalls on the dirt, sand or sidewalk.  On the other hand, music can act as an enhancement.  It can bring a run to an entirely new level if I select just the right music that touches me in just the right way.  Feeling the energy and sincerity from the artist coming through my tiny ear buds is sometimes enough to make a run feel truly amazing.  If you need to feel inspired just press play.