Monday, January 31, 2011

Down With The Sickness

I like to think I have the strongest immune system on the block.  I brag about how I never catch anyone's illness and how I haven't been truly sick in years.  I forgot to knock on wood.  Everyone at work has been out sick for days at a time.  Angela's entire family was just sick and then of course, so was Angela.  I was being attacked at all angles by those nasty germies.

So I've been really sick and completely bored.  My days have consisted of laying in this bed....
...and taking pictures of myself in the mirror.  
I'm in there somewhere.

Beating Ang in Scrabble by almost 100 points with creative words like BONG and FLESHY.

...And playing with this crazy little pussy.

I haven't been able to run, for obvious reasons.  This would normally cause a meltdown but I'm tapering.  I was thrilled on Saturday when I felt slightly better than death.  I couldn't wait to run again.

I probably should avoid kissing my shoes.  
That may be what got me to this point.  

I laced up my Brooks and off I went with high hopes of an effortless run.  I hadn't even rounded the bend before I was fatigued.  I realized what it must feel like for someone that is completely out of shape attempting to run.

It sucks!  There is no other way to put it.

My heart rate was abnormally high and I was wheezing like an asthmatic granny.  I took 4 breaks within 5 miles.  One of which consisted of me laying in the grass trying to catch my breath.  I give newbies a ton of credit for sticking with it through that awful, wheezy, almost dying part.

Confession: There may have been a tiny meltdown about the fact that the marathon is a week away.  

I attempted another run on Sunday.  It was slightly better but I still felt nothing like myself.  It was as though I was running in a stranger's body and the stranger happened to be 95 and terribly out of shape.

I am praying to all things holy that I am 100% better by Sunday.  I have 26.2 miles to knock out.  I don't just want to FINISH this marathon, I want to RUN this marathon like nobody's business.  I have a goal in mind and if I'm not feeling better by Sunday I might have to re-evaluate.  If I feel like I did on yesterday's run, my goal will simply be: finish... but that is not what I originally had in mind.

Thinking positive thoughts.  Send your healthy, happy, lucky vibes my way.  


  1. You'll be okay, girl. I promise. Just get better and don't fret.

  2. Ugh same I work with KIDS in a HOSPITAL all summer nothing quit working with kids have the stomach flu in Dec and now this awful sinus infection/fever thing. Argh and now a blizzard is coming so kiss my training good bye. :( I understand the bored you feel like doing something, but too shitty to actually go through with it!

  3. Better on Monday than Thursday. (vegan) chicken soup and orange juice. That's what Grandma would have said (except for the "vegan" part)

  4. you will be need to rest ALL WEEK. no more running until you are 100%. I was hit by the enemy before christmas while training for my first half. it was BAD, passed out twice. went back to running way too soon and it was a bad idea. rest rest and more rest even if it sucks and it is boring. hang in there!

  5. i've been sick the last few days as well and went for my first run since today and felt the same way as you! my advice is to simply rest. you aren't going to lose any fitness or endurance in one week even if you sit on your butt the entire time. i would venture to guess that the fatigue you felt on those 2 runs was simply lingering sickness. sending you positive vibes!!

  6. Oh hell yeah, you'll be green-light-go by Sunday. I am wondering how a sweet innocent Midwestern girl like you knows the word "bong".

  7. OH sending nothing but the warmest wellest wishes your way! I'm sure this is just a little scare to make sure you're not bored during taper!

    The run you described with wheezing and taking breaks, is exactly what running is like for me (still). MY marathon goal will be to finish.

    I'm sure with your excellent training and your strength as a runner, you will be dancing across the finish line.

    I hope we get to meet IRL soon. Did you get my response to your message?

  8. Get better! No bongs. No kissing. No fleshy. No shoe molesting. Rest and recuperate! :)

  9. Sending you massive good vibes! I think this is your body's way of making sure you really are rested when you get to the start line. But STOP snogging those shoes - even in beautiful SD there's got to be "stuff" on the ground that's no good for you.

    Hope you're feeling better today - will be crossing my fingers for you this weekend!

  10. Remember that taper-time is torturous! Yes, you've been sick but it's also very common during taper that you feel aches and pains (often phantom) and your body just feels beat. Trust the taper process and don't worry about how you feel during these last few runs. Keep resting and following the taper plan. You'll be amazed at how great you'll feel on race day!

  11. you will do fine and I bet you will make your goal, but definitely REST this week. don't push it!

  12. Street, trees, greets, tester...

    Words for your Scrabble game with the letters: GET REST

    Good vibes and "get wells" being sent your way from snowy New England.

  13. While you might be feeling sick now, the immune systems of a vegan kick a**, and you'll be feeling better before the big day. Not that you asked for my advice, but I'd just take it easy until Sunday - it's not like a five mile run at this point is going to change your fitness level and alter your marathon finish time (maybe just three easy miles on Friday to loosen up your legs before Sunday's race).

  14. i am sure you will be good by Sunday. After being sick it is hard to come back so just give your body more rest and you will be good as new!

  15. Hope you are feeling better already. Rest well and you'll be fine. I have all these ways I try to avoid the "germ people" but sometimes it just gets me and it sucks. All the best, stay positive!

  16. I hope you feel better! I was in the same boat the week before Philly, but as long as you rest, drink fluids, etc. you're going to be okay! Don't push it by trying to run now.

  17. Continue to take it easy, Kate. You've done the hard training and now need to clear up the lungs.

    (And I know one person who somehow avoided everyone's germs at work....)

  18. New follower here. Hope u feel better. Oh and id totally kiss my shoes too :)

  19. I love Scrabble! I hope you feel better very soon, and I think you will. Maybe it's better to be sick now, so you can get the rest you really need before the marathon! You will do great I know it!!

  20. ok it's unanimous, don't run if you don't feel well. I like the photo of you lounging in bed. it's so unlike you. I miss you terribly~~~

  21. Thanks you guys!! I am feeling better already!

  22. Its been floating around for weeks now. Be happy you got it now, and are ahead of it. Youll be back to yourself by Sunday.

  23. As long as you're healthy for Skyline...

    Could be worse - you could be sick AND in Chicagoland!

  24. Well, you still look hot, so at least you have that going for you!

    So sorry you have been under the weather!! I know you will rcover for this weekend--adrenaline on race day will help too!!!


  25. Everything I've ever learned about the last week pre-marathon indicates you won't screw up your fitness even if the wheels fall off your bus that week...and I think that even goes for 2 weeks pre-marathon. Rest up, hydrate, and take care of yourself.

    I am so excited for you!!!!

  26. Rest and trust, heart! Positive thinking goes so much farther than most think! Keep your chin up and think about rockin' it out. ;)

  27. Kate. Kate. Kate.

    Get well soooooon!

    Racingdawn is sick too?! Is it the curse of this particular marathon?!

    Well wishes from AZ!!

  28. Girl, I am SO SO SORRY YOU ARE SICK!! You poor thing! I wish I could bring you soup and watch chick flicks with you all day. Girl, you are going to rock the marathon. The exact same thing happened on my second and the week before the race I had the worst run of my life (I had to lay down in the grass too) but once the race came (as long as you are feeling better) all the adrenaline kicks in and the months of hard work are shown! You are absolutely amazing and I am so excited to see the amazing things you are going to do this SUNDAY!!! WAHOO!!

  29. I hope you feel better! What a horrible time to get sick :( You'll do awesome!

  30. So sorry to read that you've been sick. Maybe this was just the break your body needed and you'll have stored up all kinds of energy to kick ass on Saturday!

  31. Many thoughts of luck and wellness!!!!!

  32. Hope you're feeling better by now.
    Just wanted to stop by and wish you a fantastic first marathon this weekend. Can't wait to read all about it!

  33. Hope you are feeling better and have a wonderful marathon!! Enjoy every minute of it!


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