Monday, January 31, 2011

Down With The Sickness

I like to think I have the strongest immune system on the block.  I brag about how I never catch anyone's illness and how I haven't been truly sick in years.  I forgot to knock on wood.  Everyone at work has been out sick for days at a time.  Angela's entire family was just sick and then of course, so was Angela.  I was being attacked at all angles by those nasty germies.

So I've been really sick and completely bored.  My days have consisted of laying in this bed....
...and taking pictures of myself in the mirror.  
I'm in there somewhere.

Beating Ang in Scrabble by almost 100 points with creative words like BONG and FLESHY.

...And playing with this crazy little pussy.

I haven't been able to run, for obvious reasons.  This would normally cause a meltdown but I'm tapering.  I was thrilled on Saturday when I felt slightly better than death.  I couldn't wait to run again.

I probably should avoid kissing my shoes.  
That may be what got me to this point.  

I laced up my Brooks and off I went with high hopes of an effortless run.  I hadn't even rounded the bend before I was fatigued.  I realized what it must feel like for someone that is completely out of shape attempting to run.

It sucks!  There is no other way to put it.

My heart rate was abnormally high and I was wheezing like an asthmatic granny.  I took 4 breaks within 5 miles.  One of which consisted of me laying in the grass trying to catch my breath.  I give newbies a ton of credit for sticking with it through that awful, wheezy, almost dying part.

Confession: There may have been a tiny meltdown about the fact that the marathon is a week away.  

I attempted another run on Sunday.  It was slightly better but I still felt nothing like myself.  It was as though I was running in a stranger's body and the stranger happened to be 95 and terribly out of shape.

I am praying to all things holy that I am 100% better by Sunday.  I have 26.2 miles to knock out.  I don't just want to FINISH this marathon, I want to RUN this marathon like nobody's business.  I have a goal in mind and if I'm not feeling better by Sunday I might have to re-evaluate.  If I feel like I did on yesterday's run, my goal will simply be: finish... but that is not what I originally had in mind.

Thinking positive thoughts.  Send your healthy, happy, lucky vibes my way.