Friday, January 14, 2011

I Entered The 21st Century

This week has been crazy-craze for me.  Essentially Angela's entire family is in town, which has been lovely and super busy all at once.  On top of that we kicked off our little Glenner Running Group this past Wednesday and it was a blast.  I am using a 10 week Run/Walk program through Cool Running to get everyone to their first 5k.  I already see great things in their future.  I was completely floored by everyone's motivation and how well they did through the running portions.  The energy was contagious.  These ladies kick some serious butt.  I'll keep you posted on their progress.

Due to the busyness of the week I had to squeeze my runs into every little crack I could find.  Okay, that came out sounding terribly wrong.  Anyway, I ran a lot during lunch this week and last night I managed to squeeze in 8 miles in an hour before meeting the family for dinner.  I showered the bod and pretended my hair was clean.  Nobody knew the difference.  My hygiene has gone out the window with marathon training.  Buh-bye.

I hate to rub these pictures in for anyone that is covered in piles of snow right now, but here are a few photos I snapped during my lunchbreak trail run.  It almost looks like I am out in the country but I live and work about 2 1/2 minutes from downtown.  This green bliss is smack dab in the middle of "urban" San Diego.

Look at how green that grass is!
6th Ave
Old Wooden Bridge, looks so "country"
My Happy Trails
Booty buster, right there!

The reason I was so camera-happy is because I have a brand new 21st century phone!  I have always had the most basic cell phone without all those gizmos and gadgets.  Over the weekend Angela and I realized it would be cheaper to get on her plan.  So there I was, standing amongst all these super high-tech devices in awe of their capabilities.  I ended up with an Android (because I couldn't get the iPhone).  I really don't like the name of the phone, it sounds like an alien.  It has taken me all week to figure out how to work this crazy computer phone. 

I was able to run with that little sucker and take pictures while also listening to Pandora!  Talk about multi-tasking at it's finest.  I feel so hip and cool, I can't even stand it.

Be prepared for random pictures galore. 

Again, I don't mean to rub it in but it is in the high 70s today and I sweat my butt of on my lunch run.  I really had to clean my sweaty areas and make myself presentable.  A little perfume and some make-up go a long way.

This weekend marks our very last 20 mile run before the marathon.  This actually makes me quite sad because I look forward to my long runs all week long.  It's like my dessert after a week of just having dinner.  Nothing compares to that feeling of running for hours and that feeling of resting afterward.  I will try to soak up every last stride this weekend before I begin taper madness.  Cutting down my mileage doesn't sound like fun at all and I'm sure I will have some serious ants in my pants.  I'm also pretty sure you'll read all about it.  Lucky you.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  I'll be at Angela's parent's vacation rental on the beach all weekend.  It is literally 2 steps from the sand and filled with sounds of the waves crashing.  Talk about PEACE...

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  1. An eating shirt??!!! I have got to get me one of those!

    Your beach weekend sounds LOVELY! Have a great time :-)

  2. Wow, you so don't look like you just ran! Very pretty!

  3. Those trails look amazing!!! :) I was in San Diego only once and told everyone I knew that I was going to live there someday. It's not in the cards now, but I plan on returning!

    Bummer you'll have to cut back on mileage. I'd rather have figurative ants in my pants than the real stinking ants I have in my kitchen right now! Have a great weekend!

  4. Balboa Park, I presume? How lucky you are to be so close.

    BTW, you'll love your phone. I have an Incredible and love everything about it.

  5. I think you do mean to rub it in... mean. I'm jealous.

  6. Great pictures. I am definitely jealous! I'm in snowy Wisconsin... but I'm traveling to California at the end of the month so I'll just focus on that. :)
    Congrats on the new phone. I'm still using the same old flip phone I've had for 3 years...I keep saying I'm going to get a smart phone and then I never do! haha.

  7. Have a great time at the beach, I think we're going to have some more great weather this weekend, I can't wait. I pray for spring around this time every single year!
    I loved the pictures :) .

  8. Well, color me jealous!! Your pics are beautiful--you totally need to snap away with your pimped out phone!

    Have a great weekend!!!

  9. Is it bad to hate you right now. We shoveled 6 inches last night and I'm hoping for mid 30's tomorrow! Have a great time on the beach. I can almost hear the sound of the ocean from here!
    And it's so great about your running group. That will be so fun to see their progress!

  10. Eeeek!!! The marathon is approaching!

    Also - I especially liked this quote: "I feel so hip and cool, I can't even stand it."

  11. That phone rocks. Those pictures are great for a camera phone. I'll be running along the coast tomorrow morning like I do every Saturday. Look for me :-)

  12. Those pics are amazing! I'm still amazed at the quality of pictures these new fancy phones take! I've got the Droid Incredible, and I think it's got like an 8MP camera. I remember my first digital camera, and it was 1MP and cost a heck of a lot more than I paid for the phone. (It was nearly free with my upgrade and contract.)

    I know you don't watch much TV, but what about movies? Have you seen Dispicable Me? Your line, "I feel so hip and cool, I can't even stand it," made me think of that movie. The part where the little girl says, referring to a stuffed animal, "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!" If you haven't seen it, watch it! Best/funniest movie I've seen in a long time!

  13. lovely trails! i have a droid and i had to spend hours trying to figure it out, but now i don't know what i ever did without it : D enjoy your beach weekend!

  14. Okay, it is official...I'm coming to visit. I have not seen the sun for longer than a day at a time in sooo long! We are going to the beach too but the Oregon coast is quite a different beach experience. Pretty but not warm! There will be no barefoot walking on the beach. Is Angela running the marathon with you?

  15. i am so impressed with how you can run... i want to be a runner like you and be able to go long distances,, but i cant!! the longest I can usually go is 45 minutes because then I just get bored and want to turn back! how did you get into running marathons and long distance?!!

  16. What a beautiful area to run it... I aM jealous since I'm covered in snow, ice, sub zero temps the works!
    I'm really enjoying your blog and am looking forward to backtracking and reading more about your marathon training. Good luck!

  17. Lovely photos! Looks like our summer here in Johannesburg. All green and sunny! I'm still on the most basic phone!

  18. Great pictures! It makes me miss San Diego :)

  19. Ok, seriously, seriously jealous of those warm, sunny pictures! Sounds/looks fabulous. Enjoy your final 20 and then rest, rest, rest to get ready for the big day!

  20. Trail running is so relaxing & fun! I love having snow, but I'm jealous of that green grass & warm temps.

  21. I really ought to try and sneak in lunchtime runs. Thanks for motivating me!

  22. I am 100 percent jealous right now. Those pics are insanely beautiful!! How fun to get to go to a beach house for a few days too. I can think of nothing better. I am SO with you on loving that post-long run feeling. It is the best.
    I am SO glad to hear that your running group got off to such a great start! I am sure you are a HUGE motivation to them! Way to go girl!! I'll be cheering for you from snowville while you OWN that marathon. You're going to be awesome. Enjoy your tapering's the best ;)

  23. You are making me want to move to San Diego!

  24. I've never been to San Diego, but I think I want to move there! :) I'm so envious of the weather you're having. My run yesterday sucked--it was cold and so windy.

    Have fun at the beach house, you lucky duck!

  25. You are SOOOO lucky to have that running venue so close to home!!!!

  26. I love my droid! It takes great pictures, and more than 60% of the alps are free:) Slash it's totally fine, I do the "shower" more often than I'd like to admit!


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