Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If The Boys Can Do It, So Can I!

Guess what I am doing this Friday!

C'mon, guess!

I am signing up for the Skyline to Sea Trail Marathon on April 10th in my favorite region of Northern California.  I know what you're thinking, "But Kate, you haven't even finished Surf City yet?  Aren't you getting ahead of yourself?"

The answer is, of course!  But that is how I roll.  I act on impulse.  I decide at the drop of a hat.  An idea pops in my head and I just DO it.  I save my brain for bigger and better things, like figuring out how to save the world.  Races, they don't take much thought.

Check out those tiny people

You are all probably familiar with blogger boys, Chris K. (my fellow southern Californian) and Kovas (who lives near my hometown in Chicagoland) and the third musketeer "mediatior" (he makes me call him that) Patrick.  Patrick told me they all registered for Skyline to Sea and I instantly turned green with envy!  I spotted this race last year and have been salivating at the thought of running it ever since.  Chris and Kovas have no idea that I am signing up (so haha, watch out boys!)

Our convo went like this:

Me: You're running Skyline to Sea? But that's MY race?
Patrick:  Do it. C'mon.
Me:  Okay.

The end. 

I asked Ang if she'd like to do it and much like me she said "Yeah. Why not?"  Wahoo.  2 girls on the bandwagon now. 
From the website:
The popular Skyline to the Sea Trail runs from the crest of the Santa Cruz Mountains at Saratoga Gap through Big Basin Redwoods State Park, the oldest park in California (est. 1902), and ends at the Pacific Ocean at Waddell Beach. It travels through tall redwoods and high chaparral along the way.
Want to sign up?  There is a 26.2 mile option and a 50k.  You won't regret it (I hope).

Speaking of turning green with envy, I am surprised I have not turned green from all of the asparagus I have been eating.  I have had it 4 days in a row and the smell of my pee is proof.  I learned on Facebook  (that sounds really smart) that the ability to smell the asparagus in your pee is genetic, like rolling your tongue.  I kid you not! 

Who knew a facebook post about my smelly pee would generate so much conversation, but it did and I learned a thing or two.

May cause stinky pee.

If you can't smell asparagus when you pee, consider yourself genetically lucky.  

You have to love green foods.  They really are the tastiest.  My idea of the perfect snack is avocado smeared on a piece of bread with a sprinkle of salt.  Yum!

May your pee be smelly and your actions be impulsive.  Run on!


  1. avocado is the best! I like to mix it with tuna for a sandwich instead of mayo. Not great for your diet, but it's delicious for us meat eaters.

  2. You're cracking me up! Your registration conversation sounds like one I would have. And stinky pee...hehehe

  3. Good for you! I'm sure you'll do great!

  4. I love your blog..I just found it the other day. I am headed your way in June for RNR. Used to live in San Clemente and worked in Rancho Santa Fe. Have you ever been to Chino Farms to get strawberries...amazing, I used to work down the road from there. Congrats on the N. CA race...I also spent time in San Francisco and did some tri's up there...hope all is well...enjoy SD for husband and I miss it!

  5. Kate you are so funny~and blunt. But that's what makes you funny. Jeremy says the same thing about asparagus pee. I don't notice any smell so I guess I'm genetically lucky. I love Santa Cruz, that will be one beautiful run. How do you not stop and just look around?

  6. I love that picture you posted with the giant trees and tiny people!! That is so cool! Why can't that exist in Kansas?? Good luck! :)

  7. Impromptu races are the best. Good luck!

  8. I love impulsivity! This is great Kate...the race not the pee. But the pee is funny too. I can smell it! Well, not yours...that would be some strong pee to smell all the way from SoCAl! :) If I wasn't already running a marathon in June and a few half marathons in between, I'd be right there with you guys! Love your spirit!!

  9. Can I hereinafter be referred to as "the mediator"?

  10. I love acting on impulse.. and then planning later haha.

    That race sounds really fun tho. Wish I was close enough

    Khourt from

  11. The mediator? No way. Way too boring. Snooze fest.

    Are the 3 musketeers too gay for you, Patrick? (I am allowed to ask this question because I am with a woman).

  12. That sounds AMAZING!! Maybe I can coincidentally be in that area.....hmmm. We have been eating a lot a lot a lot of greenery lately. My husband insists I serve a dark green each night with dinner. Tonight was brussel sprouts. I'm getting pretty creative with green food lol.

  13. Yeah, we need nicknames for EVERYONE. Can I pick Kovas' name? That is awesome you are signing up!

  14. You're too funny! That marathon sounds awesome! I'm looking for a trail one near to me but I can't wait to hear how yours goes.

  15. I can smell it. Damn it. But I love that I hate it. It's too good to let go. :)

  16. BTW, Patrick forgot to mention that there's actually four Musketeers. The Running Godess Jill from "Run with Jill" is also a partner in crime. They are running the marathon. I'm doing the 50K.

  17. ahh i've had my eye on this race, but unfortunately it's the same weekend as my 50 miler : / i'm sure it will be a blast!

  18. Definitely debatable...

  19. KATE - you are darling. I feel like I've been the WORST blog BFF EVER the past few days. I hate when life gets crazy like that...anyways.
    Your beach pictures made me absolutely 1059% more jealous of your life. What an awesome weekend! I want to be you. The pictures of you holding the name of the winner..are you kidding me? You are darling. And lastly...the marathon sign up. YOU GO GIRL. I can't wait to see how awesome you do at BOTH races!

  20. would LOVE to run that race - it looks gorgeous. Of course you should sign up for it before doing Surf City - doh girl, that way you avoid the post marathon blues...

  21. So cool we will meet and run together, it's nice the 2 Musketeers and that other guy are gaining a following! :) The smell of asparagus pee rocks.

  22. I love that you are going to do it - that's usually the best way, just sign up and have a blast!

  23. Now I am green with envy! What a great race! I would love to do that. Enjoy your training!

  24. You are going to have a blast with that race! Make sure you chick them all!

  25. Good for you signing up for another marathon. It will keep you in shape!

    I love asparagus. I was just reading "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" last night. Have you read it?

  26. Gotta love the impromptu races! What's life without a little impulsiveness?

  27. I got the short end of the genetic stick when it comes to stinky asparagus pee too. PEEEEEE-U!!!!

    That race looks amazing.

  28. JEALOUS!!!! I want to run it!

    Signing up on impulse is going to get me into my first full, mark my words.

    I can't belive I just wrote mark my words!

  29. Now you will never be able to say no to me when i suggest we run Los Penasquitos!!! :) Look at it as a warm up for my 30th Birthday challenge ;)

  30. Go girl!!! I'm stoked you signd up for that race! I love Northern Cali! And, the redwoods, spectacular!!!

    Go impulsiveness! You need that with racing though, right?

  31. That's going to be such a pretty race! I can't wait to see pictures!

  32. OMGosh did that really say "stinky pee"? Like after eating cherrio's kind of pee.


    kovas/p-rick/chris ----- ass!

  33. Kate!! My fellow S2S running buddy!! :)'s my scoop. I have had this heel injury for what feels like 5000 years so the ole marathoning came to a screeching halt last summer. Mr. KP and I were talking last fall about doing an ultra this year (hahah, comical considering I can't even run 10 miles w/o my heel screaming) and this race popped on MY radar as I knew I guy who did it last year and thought this would be the perfect race to test out the heel and if it went well, I could maybe train for an ultra. Sooooo, since mid-December, I've been emailing the RD to find out when it would open. I think we became best friends and I even stalked them on FB b/c I didn't want to miss the registration. So...Monday it opened and I signed up immediately, even though I may not even be able to run - who knows. So then I emailed KP instantly and told him it was open FINALLY and then he gathered his posse and that's how we 4 got this this rolling!

    And I'm not the Goddess of running, I'm just a Goddess, period. (hahah!).

    I look forward to meeting you...and I look forward to following you to S.C. - woohooo!

  34. Not sure where that "4" came from....hum...

  35. OH MY GOSH!!! I am so so excited for you! THat is going to be an amazing race. Those trees are huge. Girl, that is my ideal snack too! You are absolutely adorable!

  36. My friend and I were copping a squat many many years long ago I can't remember where we were or why we were squatting next to each other in the woods? behind a car? Who knows..
    Anyhooo... I said "your pee smells like chicken noodle soup" and she said "that's what I had for dinner".

    Have you ever had pink pee after eating beets?
    Changed a baby's diaper after feeding them blueberries?

    And...I s'pose I'm unlucky in the genetics department, because asparagas is NOT my friend.

  37. awesome!you kick those boys butts!

  38. You are so funny girl!! And contests for sighning up for the marathon! That is awesome and I am so happy for you! And it's so nice you will be doing it with people you know!! My sister and I are running one on may 1 and I can't wait!!

  39. Smelly pee is so underrated. Honestly, who doesn't like it?

  40. I act on impulse too, Big Daddy Diesel's post with all the bloggers doing the full and half Ironmans at the Rev3 in Ohio made me decide that I am going for a half ironman in September even though I haven't finished my first sprint tri yet (scheduled for August!)

  41. Also congrats for signing up and good luck!!! :D

  42. A race through the redwoods sounds amazing!


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