Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If The Boys Can Do It, So Can I!

Guess what I am doing this Friday!

C'mon, guess!

I am signing up for the Skyline to Sea Trail Marathon on April 10th in my favorite region of Northern California.  I know what you're thinking, "But Kate, you haven't even finished Surf City yet?  Aren't you getting ahead of yourself?"

The answer is, of course!  But that is how I roll.  I act on impulse.  I decide at the drop of a hat.  An idea pops in my head and I just DO it.  I save my brain for bigger and better things, like figuring out how to save the world.  Races, they don't take much thought.

Check out those tiny people

You are all probably familiar with blogger boys, Chris K. (my fellow southern Californian) and Kovas (who lives near my hometown in Chicagoland) and the third musketeer "mediatior" (he makes me call him that) Patrick.  Patrick told me they all registered for Skyline to Sea and I instantly turned green with envy!  I spotted this race last year and have been salivating at the thought of running it ever since.  Chris and Kovas have no idea that I am signing up (so haha, watch out boys!)

Our convo went like this:

Me: You're running Skyline to Sea? But that's MY race?
Patrick:  Do it. C'mon.
Me:  Okay.

The end. 

I asked Ang if she'd like to do it and much like me she said "Yeah. Why not?"  Wahoo.  2 girls on the bandwagon now. 
From the website:
The popular Skyline to the Sea Trail runs from the crest of the Santa Cruz Mountains at Saratoga Gap through Big Basin Redwoods State Park, the oldest park in California (est. 1902), and ends at the Pacific Ocean at Waddell Beach. It travels through tall redwoods and high chaparral along the way.
Want to sign up?  There is a 26.2 mile option and a 50k.  You won't regret it (I hope).

Speaking of turning green with envy, I am surprised I have not turned green from all of the asparagus I have been eating.  I have had it 4 days in a row and the smell of my pee is proof.  I learned on Facebook  (that sounds really smart) that the ability to smell the asparagus in your pee is genetic, like rolling your tongue.  I kid you not! 

Who knew a facebook post about my smelly pee would generate so much conversation, but it did and I learned a thing or two.

May cause stinky pee.

If you can't smell asparagus when you pee, consider yourself genetically lucky.  

You have to love green foods.  They really are the tastiest.  My idea of the perfect snack is avocado smeared on a piece of bread with a sprinkle of salt.  Yum!

May your pee be smelly and your actions be impulsive.  Run on!