Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Me, Stylish? Oh Stop.

Thanks to Amanda at Runninghood for this Stylish Blogger Award.  I have recently become completely engrossed in Amanda's blog.  If you don't follow her, you probably should.  No, you definitely should.

In honor of receiving this fabulous award I am supposed to tell you 7 random things about me.

Alright, here goes nothin'.   The LONG and SHORT of Kate :)

#1 - The first time I ever stepped foot on a plane was when I went skydiving at the age of 18.  Since then, I have done plenty of traveling and been aboard many airplanes. 

Pretty in Pink - So glad I found this old picture.
I am on the right of course.

 #2 - I moved to San Diego with only 3 suitcases.  I didn't have money in savings,  or a car, an apartment, a job and I had never even visited San Diego.  I had Angela though, and that was more than enough.

Our belongings at the airport, combined.
Talk about starting fresh....

#3 - I don't own a TV.  We are not poor, we just choose to live TVless. Living without one gives us more time to connect, talk and read.  I love reading and TV distracts me from all the good books out there.  Once you go TV-free for a little while you start to realize how much television can mess with your psyche in terms of the images and advertising you see.  (Confession:  I am human.  There are 3 shows that I watch on Hulu from time to time: Brothers & Sisters, Modern Family and currently The Biggest Loser). 

#4 - This is subject to change, but currently my favorite place in the world is South Africa.  The country is stunning and specifically the people from Khula Village are some of the warmest, most gracious individuals I have ever crossed paths with.  They remind me to appreciate the little things in life and to stop worrying about the trivial junk that we so often do in the U.S. (such as clothing, money, our hair, weight or a job promotion). 
Pristine Beaches Free of Tourists

Andele <3


Beauty Queen

#5 - I am frightened of child twins that are dressed alike.  Don't ask.

#6 - When I sing at work, my co-workers howl like dogs.  I am that good. ;-)

#7 - I am leading a small run group and it kicks off TODAY!  In 10 weeks, a group of my co-workers will run their first 5k (if no injuries arise).  The run group is in conjunction with the 'Biggest Loser' program at work.  I can't wait to see everyone progress over the next 10 weeks. Runners: If you have any ideas, shoot them my way! 

Here is the part where I am supposed to tag someone else for this award...

I tag Abbi at Higher Miles.  She has put together a blogger group of first time marathoners, called Distance Dreamers.  Each week she posts an update on each and every runner and links back to their posts.  I love her for this.  Thanks, Abbi!