Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When Your Eggs Are Up For Sale

Recently I applied to be an egg donor.  I answered a thousand and one questions, wrote several miniature essays and uploaded photos of myself (only good ones of course).  When I finally finished the application portion it started to get physical.   I had some blood drawn, another picture taken and an internal ultra sound.  Yes, Internal.

To my surprise, a few weeks later I received a congratulatory e-mail and phone call letting me know that a couple had chosen me to be their donor.  I was excited and nervous all at once.

Did they choose me because I look like them?  Or is it because I was on the Dean's List?  Maybe it's my love for running.  Or literature?  Thoughts swirled through my head like a midwest tornado.  No matter the reason, I was thrilled to be chosen.

I am able to donate a part of myself to help another couple conceive a child.  Does it get any more amazing than that?  Science just continues to knock my socks off.

I am getting ahead of myself.  I am not getting shot up with hormones quite yet.  I had to visit the fertility center once again today and give them an entire cup of my urine (I usually say pee, but I'll be technical for you) as well as half a dozen viles of my blood.  Once again I had to lay there, spread eagle as they stuck the long probe up my lady parts.  I was able to count the follicles on my ovaries along with the doctor.  1,2,3,4...all the way to 19.  Apparently that's a pretty good number.
I know you wanted to see a picture.  :)

Besides the fact that I may create a human life from this process, I also get to learn an array of information about myself.  I will learn just how fertile I am, if I have any genetic markers for certain diseases and basically everything under the sun.

It will be several weeks until I hear about my bazillion blood tests.  From there we either move forward or put the brakes on the process.   Hopefully we move forward because I so badly want to do this.  I want a couple to experience pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood.  Maybe their baby will come out running or talking super fast like me!  Who knows.

Have you, or anyone you know, gone through the egg donation process?
Do you know anyone that has benefitted from an egg donor?
Share your thoughts! 


  1. This is amazing of you. I was debating it for a while, but I decided to wait until I have a few my own children and will then see if I would even be accepted.

    I think it's such a wonderful gift to give someone.

  2. Ok...first off...I literally laughed out LOUD when I read your post today. You are my absolute favorite, and yes we ARE BFF's. Please write a paragraph EVERY time because I'm pretty sure I do the same! I love that you are leading a run group! How inspiring!! You will be amazing at it I'm sure. I think the best way I've been able to help my clients start running is to give them a gradual pattern to build up with to start. We'll do a three minute segment to start...walk 2 mins, run 1 min...repeat. After a few days of this we increase the speed a little. Once they have a handle on that we increase the segment; walk 2 mins, run 2 mins. Then we'll increase the speed again once they have that mastered. You get it. Anyways this mentally helps them realize that they CAN do it. It eases them into it without them feeling like they are going to die. Feel free to past my post on! :)

    Second off...I think your egg donation is awesome! I don't know very much about it, and it's totally fascinating to me. I don't know anyone who has ever done it, so you'll have to keep us posted. I'm sure this baby will come out looking like a model, running ridiculously fast, and extremely smart.

    (I really didn't mean for that to be so long..can't help it. Oops!) :)

  3. Wow. I just wanted to congratulate you on being involved in this process. I think that is an amazing task. Takes a special person to undergo such an event...Kudos to you. And hopefully in the long run, blessings to the new couple.

  4. Runner, reader, Dean's's no wonder you were picked! I would never have the guts to do something like that. I'm sure that couple feels lucky there are people like you willing to make that kind of sacrifice.

  5. Never met anyone who has done this, very amazing!

  6. Wow, very amazing and selfless. Congratulations.

  7. Kate, you are amazing!!! I don't know much about the process, so I hope you'll keep us posted the whole way through. I'm sure there are couples dying to have you as their donor--who wouldn't want a gorgeous, intelligent, healthy baby?!?!

  8. you

    this is so awesome.
    YAY for you!!

  9. Seriously, this is incredible. Good for you!! That lucky couple is going to have a gorgeous, healthy, intelligent and athletic lil' bebe because of your selfless generosity.

    Okay and now I have to be nosy. If this is way too personal, please don't feel obligated to answer (because hell, I get annoyed when my MIL asks me this, haha). Are yall planning on having kids at some point?

    Regardless, science is amazing!!

  10. Just when I think you can't get any awesomer...

    This is so amazing and selfless. That is gonna be one smokin' hot, fast, compassionate, and intelligent little person!!! The parents-to-be are incredibly lucky. :)

  11. This is an awesome gift to give a couple! R was an egg donor twice when we lived in the DC area. There they had a program where up to 3 couples could split the costs (and the eggs) of the process. Due to laws there she does not know how many children were eventually conceived but we are pretty sure there is at least one little R running around out there. She loved doing it and although she was initially motivated by the compensation (we were/are poor grad students and that's no small chunk of change) she was amazed about how emotionally invested she became as each egg started maturing. Like you, she's a fertile myrtle! She thinks the children would have been born in May for her first donation and December for her second and each time those months roll around we spend time thinking about how old they would be and what they might be doing. If you have any questions about the process, any at all, contact me and I'll put you in touch with her. I'm so excited for you and so excited that pretty soon there will be little Kates running around (well, in your case, sprinting around).

    I would totally donate too if my lady parts weren't so messed up.

    Oh and tell Ang that right before the donation she gets to give you a shot in your bum! That was my personal favorite part!

  12. Hi, I'm a new reader and just want to say how much I already enjoy your blog.

  13. This is so wonderful and generous of you! Hubby and I had to do IVF to be able to have children. So I went through all the drugs and tests and retrieval that you will be going through. So if you have any questions just let me know! You are making that couple's dreams come true!

  14. That is the coolest thing I have ever heard. WOW!!! Can I just be you and be gorgeous, SELFLESS and an amazing runner...thanks. Really, so are giving a couple there DREAM!!!
    P.S. about spin that is so cool you found an instructor you like...that makes all the difference.

  15. Good Lord, you just gave me a great idea, lol! Thank you so much for posting this, babe! I applied about ten years ago to do this. Once I was chosen (since I looked EXACTLY like the parents!), we began talking about when I'd make my first trip to the doctor, and poof...orders for Germany (for hubby, at the time) came up.

    I can re-visit this now, without orders, hubby, boyfriend, etc., to worry about. Thank you, again! <3

  16. I wanted to donate some of the eggs I ate last week, but my coach (Jill) wouldn't let me.

  17. Kate you are so amazing, lucky parents gettting a little Kate, boy or girl. Very generous gift. I love you~~~

  18. Welcome to SD! Just found your blog, so exciting! I'm in North County and just started a blog of my own! Happy blogging =)

  19. What a great post....typing with one finger so bear with me if i make typos....i knew a friend in college who did this to help others and make money for college...she got a pretty penny for those eggs. Such a nice treat to see your comment today...I have loved your blog for awhile now and have been following even thought I don't always comment. ;) I would love tips on easier eating of a plant based diet. I have never listened to a podcast..isn't that bad? So much I'm missing out on but I will check out the one you mentioned. Again, this is a great post...amazing. So glad there are people like you out there. :)

  20. Wow, that is very selfless of you! Keep us posted!

  21. I cannot believe I missed this post the other day... you are incredible! This is an amazing gift that is going to change a family's life forever. So selfless and compassionate. You go!

  22. What an awesome thing to do, helping another couple become parents; kudos to you.


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