Monday, January 17, 2011

When Your Life Feels Like a Vacation

We spent almost the entire weekend at Angela's parents' vacation rental on the beach.  It's only a few miles from our apartment but having the ocean just steps away made me deliriously happy.  They were all tuning into the Bears game as we were heading out the door for our run on Sunday.  Even Mia, who is not yet 2, was donning a Bears Jersey.  We caught a glimse on the TV of the blistery cold we left behind in Chicago. The gray sky looked severely depressing in comparison to the ocean view right out the window. We could hear the waves crashing outside as the TV showed snow falling on the football field.  The juxtaposition of the two made me feel especially glad that we moved here over a year ago. 

My weekend consisted of lots of reading on the balcony.

I felt like we were on a "Vacation Run" the entire way.  The weather was as close to perfect as it gets and we ran along the bay and the ocean with palm trees almost the entire way.  Yes, we do live here but sometimes it still feels like we're on vacation.  I hope that feeling never leaves us.  With little reminders like that Bears game, maybe it never will.

We left this a little over a year ago...

For this...  (our run yesterday)

The Bears won by the way, and apparently it's a really big deal or something. Go Bears!

After a weekend spent on the beach, I am in relaxation mode and ready for this little thing called taper. Yesterday was our last 20 miler and I still have a hard time believing I will be able to run the entire 26.2 miles. My legs are toast during that last mile.  How on earth will I be able to run an additional 6.2, at the same pace nonetheless?

I have been told time and time again to trust my training. I will apparently be able to pull 6.2 extra miles out of my butt some how. I know I can run the extra 6.2, but can I keep the same pace? That's my goal.

Has anyone else experienced this self-doubt and worry about completing the entire distance?
How did you overcome it?

I learned one way to overcome it! Use Janae as inspiration. She ran 26.2 miles on the treadmill this morning in 3:20. No, you did not misread that. She seriously did. Go see.

It was difficult coming back to reality today and having to say good-bye to my pretend vacation.  Sigh. 
After watching sunsets like this over the ocean every night, our regular life feels slightly less exciting.

Cell phone pictures don't do it justice!

On the other hand, Frida sure missed us while we were gone so we owe her loads of attention. 

Frida's in the closet.  Luckily, I'm not...

Look at my baby bumpkin doodle doo! 

A few of Angela's family members get to stay an extra day!  They're flight to Chicago was cancelled because of the snow.  A snow day in San Diego.  Aren't you jealous of them?

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  1. That looks like paradise. :)

    And your cat is adorable.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Be prepared - the self doubt will probably get worse the days leading up the marathon, try not to let it get to you. Sounds like this round of training went well for you!

  3. You SO made a great move by heading to sunny California! I really wonder why I stay in a place where we get snow--I truly hate it.

    It's so true that you should trust your training. When you're out there and hit a rough patch, know that it will pass. Also remember how good you felt when your training went really well and draw on that for confidence.

    You've got it, girlfriend!

  4. Someone told me right before my taper... you've spent the last 12+ weeks wearing your legs down. Now you're gonna spend the next 3 weeks building them back up. You're gonna be STELLAR!

    What took you guys to San Diego? I know you've said you didn't have anything going out there except Angela, but what about her? Did she have any ties out there that brought you guys to CA?

  5. I love how you have such gratitude for who you are and where you are. You're an inspiration. Don't let that ego and doubt creep up on you! You have trained so hard, and the race will just be the icing on the cake.

  6. Sounds like a fantastic weekend. Don't worry about the extra 6.2 miles. You will be so excited you won't even notice them :)

  7. New to your blog and very jealous of your weather!

    Man, if you cell phone doesn't do the sunset justice, I can't imagine what it looked like in real life...

  8. OK that view is ridiculous. I am officially very jealous. Does that make me a bad person?

  9. Have I told you I am absolutely obsessed with you!! Um, you are STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!!! I am so glad you had such a great weekend....reading and patio=heaven. I totally agree with the trust the is crazy how all the adrenaline gets you through the last 6.2 and you just keep going. I definitely think you are MORE than prepared!! I am so so happy for you gorgeous girl....I want to come cheer you on:)
    I can't get over those views. So, Billy goes to law school in a year and we are hoping it is in S. Cal so be prepared to run with me everyday:)
    You are way too nice to me:) Thanks so much for saying made my DAY!!

  10. It was gorgeous this weekend in So Cal. I was visiting family in Huntington beach and it was as warm as my desert weather.

    Do trust in your training. When you run your marathon, you will have fresh legs, excitement, adrenaline, and determination. These will all get you through the last 6.2. Oh, and you'll have Angela too. When I ran my first marathon, my (albeit more experienced) future hubby was by my side and he was so encouraging that it really helped me get through the race, in spite of exercise induced asthma and nausea. You will work together to make it through.

    Have a great race. I'll be rooting for you.

  11. Now this is what a beach should look like!! So much nicer than our Oregon coast. :) But it was nice to get away anyway. Instead of reading on outside on the porch, I was reading by the fire with my slippers on and the roar of the ocean as my background music. :)

  12. I've been here 26 years and it still feels like vacation to me. Of course you should be nervous. This will be my 8th marathon and I'll be nervous as hell. But, if it was easy, it wouldn't be fun. I have not a shread of doubt you will do quite well based on your training runs. Will it be hard? Maybe. One of my favorite mantras is: So what, now what.

  13. That is just SUCH a beautiful place to run and your appreciation of it is even better.

    The race will be fine. First off - it's a race. You will have adrenaline! And then .. you have worked hard for this. Your legs WILL show up and help you. How exciting!

  14. I always experience self-doubt like that before races, but when I'm in race mode, I'm so happy & filled with adrenaline, that I know I can make it through. At least for half-marathons.

  15. Wish I could convince my wife to move to SoCal...someday.

    You'll get a boost race day from the other runners and spectators!

  16. I'm so jealous of your life. There's an inch of ice all over DC right now!

    And trust your training! You will be surprised at how well you can run 26.2 after a good taper. It works, trust me. Also, check out Its super funny, and totally relateable. Good luck!

  17. So much to catch up on! Looks like you had a gorgeous weekend! We did too except I was stuck inside studying :(

    I know you'll rock all 26.2 miles of Surf City! I know it doesn't feel like that to you but jsut focus on all the training you've put in and how you're going to feel dancing across that finish line. I'm so excited for you!

  18. You're doing Surf City?! I really wanted to do that race! I did the 5k there a few years ago. You will do awesome! I didn't think I would be able to run 26 miles after only running 20 before the race, but it's amazing what your body is capable of. Sheer adrenaline will help you cross that finish line :)

  19. I'm amazed at the difference between NorCal and SoCal. I feel like the snowy pic these days! I could actually swear it started snowing just every so slightly the other day while I was running...Oh how I wish I was on the beach soaking up the rays and admiring those beautiful views! Sounds like you're more than prepared for the marathon! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!!

  20. I'm so jealous of that view and your run. When I picture a happy place it's always a beach.
    You'll do great in your marathon. You'll have adrenaline and race day excitement and thousands of other people out there trying to achieve the same goal as you. That will carry you through. No worries!


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