Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When Beer Trumps Running

You  probably won't see a blog title like this for at least another year.

Sorry, I have been MIA the last week.  I forgot that I am not the one on vacation, Katie is.  Living in a place like San Diego, it is easy to get caught up in vacation-mode when there are visitors in town.  For the first time in several years I went an entire weekend without running.  Crazy, I know, but completely worth it. 

Katie's performance on Friday went beautifully.  We had some celebratory cocktails post-performance and danced the night away.  I forgot what a great workout dancing can be.  I lost a pound this weekend, and remember, I didn't run a single mile.  I also ate french fries not once, but twice. 

We took Katie to La Jolla the next day for a tasty lunch in the sun right on the beach. The seals were out in abundance at the cove so we paid them a long visit and admired the pups. We needed Katie to see the sunset from the perfect location so we sped to Torrey Pines before sun down. We found the perfect little nook on the cliff and waited for that beautiful moment.

I love La Jolla

My seal friends

The three of us are the type of people that deeply appreciate the beauty of a sunset, the breeze of the ocean and the smile on someone's face.  Our shared love of life's little things made this sunset one of the most memorable in my life.

The day was far too peaceful and calm to finish it off at a noisy bar.  Instead, I cooked some vegetables and pasta and we shared a few bottles of wine.  Perfect ending to the perfect day!  Katie wrote a beautiful blog post inspired by her time here and wrote some of the kindest words about me and Angela I have ever read.  Check it out here.

Noon the next day, we went to a bar in Pacific Beach to watch the Bears game.  It was packed with loud football fans (mostly Packer fans, unfortunately) but the potent ocean breeze made it all the better.  The beer was overflowing in our giant challices and my favorite 90s music was playing at every commercial break.  The plan was to run home from the bar after the game and squeeze in 12 miles.  Yeah.  That did not happen.  Once you put a beer in my hand and play some cheesy music from my favorite decade, there is no pulling me away. 

Kiss the sun

We stayed for 8 hours.  It was college re-visited but with better people and views of the ocean instead of Wal-Mart.  Angela and I hardly drink these days because, let's face it, a hangover isn't the best way to start a 20 mile run.  On the other hand, it can be the perfect way to spend your first day of taper.

 Don't worry, I made up that 12 mile run on the treadmill at 6pm last night.  It was the price I had to pay and it was worth every penny.