Sunday, February 13, 2011

I See Naked People

No really, today we saw a lot of naked people.  It was such a beautiful day so of course we went to our favorite spot, Torrey Pines State Reserve.  We planned on doing a little hike but once we got there we decided to do our first run since the marathon.  Running in the sand, the ocean on my right, the cliffs on my left, sun on my face.  Perfection.  

Suddenly, Ang whispered "look, naked people."  As soon as she said it, I noticed two older adults bent over collecting seashells wearing absolutely nothing.   By older adults, I mean "early bird special" adults.

It was then that we realized we were entering Blacks Beach, the nudist beach.  We could have turned around right then but curiosity got the best of me.  I had to see this.  Left and right there were saggy body parts and I couldn't help but look.  It was like a terrible reality TV show that I couldn't turn off.  I would say that 95% of the nude beach goers were men over the age of 70.  Does your grandpa like to be nude? Maybe all of our grandpas secretly hang out at the nude beach.  You never know.
Being the spontaneous woman that I am, I considered tearing my clothes off right there and running naked.  Ang wasn't into this idea.  I'll try anything once but I think she was weirded out by the amount of male parts in sight.  I, on the other hand, found it somewhat liberating.  Why not celebrate our bodies and relax freely without garments?  I just wonder why more young, attractive, fit individuals don't partake.  Maybe this comfortability comes with age.  

So, I let her keep her clothes on and instead we headed back to finish up our easy run.  

We followed up our nude beach run with some excellent food from the one and only, Swami's.  Our favorite.  I had a spinach tofu scramble with potatoes and toast.  Amazing.  If you're ever in San Diego, take a ride up the coast to Encinitas and visit Swami's.  They have a killer acai bowl and an amazing basil vinaigrette.  

It feels good to be back on my feet again.  There are only 8 weeks until the Skyline to Sea trail marathon.  Ang and I are looking at it as an adventure, not a race.  I will walk portions of it.  I will stop to take pictures and to stretch.  I will soak up every moment and not worry at all about my finish time.  This run will be something I will never forget.

Rather than fly to Northern California like we would normally do, we decided to make a road trip out of it.  We are going to take the coast on the way back and stop in Big Sur.  I am completely ecstatic about this plan.  Not only will it save us some major dollars, but it will give us the chance to see parts of California we have yet to see.  April 10th can't come soon enough! 

Please analyze this picture for me.  It was an accidental picture but do you notice my knee?  This is not photo-shopped.  I think I am deformed.  HELP!


  1. LOL, TOO FUNNY! I would've been with ya', running bare! Knowing me, I'd begin screaming "FREEEEEEEEEDOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!". Take care of you so you can rock out the trails in a couple of months!

    I think everything else in the picture looks slightly distorted, along with your knee. It doesn't REALLY look like that, right?

  2. Ha! I would have totally stripped! When we traveled through Thailand in 2002, there were a few beaches that we saw naked people. We had our own private beach by our bungalow on an island off of the mainland and we spent some time naked. Liberating for sure! :) Um, yes, what is wrong with your knee??!

  3. Ah yes, the infamous Blacks Beach. I grew up in Temecula and that was the stuff of legend back then.

  4. haha, this is great! i do think that that level of comfort with your body comes with age...and with women, after childbirth, or so i've been told!

    skyline to sea should be such a blast, especially with the road trip as part of the weekend!

  5. bah hahahaha... That is quite a surprise. How funny is that! I'd love for you guys to be storming down the beach with nothing but running shoes on!!
    Your skyline to sea marathon looks AWESOME. What a fun adventure indeed. I think that sounds amazing! I hope you had a great weekend and an awesome V-day! xoxoxo

  6. It has been so cold and snowy all the time here in Kentucky, running in shorts and a singlet would feel nude to me right about now.

  7. I haven't seen a totally nude beach, but in France lots of old people changing on the beach a couple feet in front of me. I think it's nice not to be so uptight.
    But running through a herd of them would have slowed me down for sure.
    And the photo is distorted, not your knee.

  8. Happy Valentine's Day!
    What a lovely run with very interesting scenery. Ha, ha!
    Not sure what's up with that knee... maybe you should have it checked out. :) Does it bother you?

  9. Wow, I can't believe you just happen to run to a Nude beach! That is crazy!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  10. Looks like a beautiful way to spend an afternoon. Thanks for adding me to the blogs you love, that was super sweet!

  11. Wow, bad mental image of the nude beach!!!

    At first I thought you popped your knee cap out with that picture!!! Does it really look that way all the time? maybe the camera was moving

  12. That picture of you is GORGEOUS!!!! Seriously, breathtaking. Please blow it up, have it printed on canvas and hang it in your living room.

    And um, running naked? I think that is just too much awkwardness for me to handle. I have too much that would jiggle outside the confines of spandex and whatnot.

  13. Love your blog header makeover (I loved it before too!!). And, that pictue of you running is beautiful---you are beautiful! Nice photography Angela!!

    Naked people?!! I think I would have "second-hand embarassment"!! Especially if they were of the collecting-soc-security-age! Only in Cali!! ;) ha!!

  14. Top 5 places of mine to Surf ANYWHERE is Blacks !! Sadly that nude beach has been there and I have never seen any fit younger people.
    Your knee is freaking me out , WTF ???

  15. I went to a nude beach in St. Maarten a few years ago. It was the same kind of people there. There were more women than what you described but in the same age group. When you're laying on your back and your boobs drape over your arms, it's time to rethink the whole nudity thing. haha I couldn't resist though. I shimmied out of my bikini and joined them. And I have to admit--swimming naked in the ocean was the most FREE feeling I have ever experienced!

  16. pictures of the nude beach??? haha, no just kidding, it was bad enough just imagining it, i dont think my impressionable little mind could handle actually seeing it!!! something must be taking over bloggers cameras lately. go see tall mom's recent self running did the same thing to her forehead....scary!!!

  17. I was born in Big Sur! It's lovely up there. Enjoy the drive. I hope you don't get carsick.

  18. I've always wanted to drive up Big Sur! We always take the 5 since it's so much more direct.

    I would have stripped down and gone running in the nude...when else do you get to do that?

  19. Naturism is not for everyone, and it's difficult to find a friend who has not been poisoned by their over protective parents or society and who as a natural affinity to being one with nature as naturists/nudists are. In Toronto, we now have a new nudist(clothing-optional) beach authorized by Toronto city council 10 years ago. There may be many older people, but most are middle to young adult age and I see more young adult couples and groups trying out the beach and lsst year we broke a record with over 1000. Google Earth Toronto Islands Hanlan's Point.

  20. Haha, I like that you took the unnitentionally scenic route ;) I hope that I am that comfortable with my body when I am 70 years old! Good for them!

    And, yeah, no idea whats up with your knee.

  21. I was hiking in Big Basin a couple years ago, and took a turn on the trail deep in the woods where this waterfall was. About 30 yards away was an older man and woman, naked, hanging out by the waterfall, scrambling to put clothes.

    We awkwardly said "hello" as we walked by, then went on our way and giggled like the immature people we are

  22. The pic of (I think it's) you running in front of the (I guess I'll call it a) rock formation is awesome! (The pic of your knee is pretty awesome too.)

  23. holy knee. i'm sorry i'm new, and this is old...but what the crap is up with your knee. yikes.

    also love your love story. almost makes me want to make out with chicks. again.

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