Saturday, February 26, 2011

A to the B to the C

It's a rainy Saturday and I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with a blog topic.  I am feeling completely uninspired so I decided to take part in the ABCs like everyone else in the blogosphere.  I know you probably couldn't care less about these things but maybe you're equally as bored and uninspired today.

Age: I'm just a baby but I'll be a whole quarter century old on Cinco de Mayo!  Cha cha cha!

Bed size:  Queen and super comfy.  I can sleep all day on that sucker.  Case in point:  I didn't remove myself until 1:30 pm today.  I know, I have a serious problem.

Chore you hate: I hate chores and I despise cleaning.  I wish we lived in a world where nothing ever became dirty.  If I could have one wish come true, that just might be it.  Forget world peace.

Dogs: Not yet, but I am pushing for one.  If I showed up with a pooch, Ang might kick me to the curb.  

Frida could use a big protective brudder to keep her safe from the bad guys.

Essential start of your day: COFFEE w/ a splash of steamed soy and a squirt of Agave.  Yum.  

Fav colour: Yellow.  Warm and calming.  

Gold or silver:  I don't like real jewelry.  I prefer the $5 stuff at Forever 21. 

Height: 5'4", although I was under the impression I was 5'5" for years.  

Instruments I play: I wish I played the drums.  Great way to get out your aggression.  

Job title: Everybody's b*tch.  Jussst kidding.  Executive Assistant.  

Kids:  I think they are hilarious, honest and fun but I don't want any of my own.  

Live:  San Diego, where the livin' (truly) is easy.  

Mom’s name: She goes by Susie and she is one spectacular woman.  I was just reminded today how non-judgmental, understanding and open-minded she is.  I love her oh, so much!

Nicknames: My boss calls me Katie Bug.  My mom calls me Katie Kins.  My 2nd grade teacher called me Kate the Great.  I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that Ang calls me Kate-er-ator and Hot Buns.  Can someone think of a really cool nickname for me?

Overnight hospital stays:  Luckily, only one time, after a car accident.  I was very lucky to be alive and even more lucky that no one else was hurt in my accident.

Pet peeve:  I have a few that I won't mention in fear of being offensive.  I hate when people say "Aint", although I do say it jokingly from time to time.  I also get frustrated by people that walk slowly.  I'm not a New Yorker so  I have no reason to be rushing, but I walk at a very speedy pace and don't want anyone to get in my stinkin' way. 

Quote from a movie:  I am awful at trying to quote movies.  Whenever I try, Ang laughs hysterically at the number of attempts it takes for me to get it right.  I really know how to kill a joke or ruin a story too.  I love Amy Poehler in Baby Mama, everything she says makes me laugh. 

Best. Scene. Ever.

Right or left handed:  Righty tighty.

Siblings:  2 older sisters, 1 younger sister and an older brother.  I hated my older sisters growing up because they were such rotten b*tches, but I love them now.  We've made amends and now we're besties.

Time you wake up:  6:45 on weekdays (I know you want to kill me) and on the weekends, it's anyone's guess.  I've been known to sleep past noon.  Once I slept until 4pm after a night of drinking.  Those days are long gone, thank goodness.

Underwear:  Commando is best but I am a lover of the thong.  My cheeks like to be free.

Veg you dislike:  I ate green beans every single day for an entire summer so now I want to vomit at the sight of them.

What makes you run late:  What doesn't make me run late?  I get very easily distracted.  I think I have ADD.  I was tested but the results were inconclusive.  ??? 

X-rays you have had done: I have had a TON of x-rays looking for fractured bones, which usually end up being stress fractures that you can't see on the x-ray anyway.  I also had x-rays when I broke 2 bones in my lumbar vertebrae.  Ouchie.

Yummy food you make: Pre-vegan days, I was a master of the breakfast foods.  Nowadays, I make some kick-a** tofu scrambler. 

Zoo, favorite animal:  Zoos make me sad.  Seeing animals in captivity for our selfish enjoyment is upsetting to me.  I will now get off my soap box and say that my favorite animal is the sea otter and the penguin.  I have been obsessed since childhood.

Okay, now get back to your day.  Sorry for this completely mind-numbing interruption.


  1. HAHAHAHA wait we are twinnies, girlie girl! I absolutely hate cleaning things, I would prefer that the dishes did themselves, and that is my fave scene of Baby Mama, ever. Amy Poehler is my idol, basically.

  2. This is so fun reading! How close are you and your siblings? I like commando or thongs too. I am always telling my girls just to throw some pants on...especially at bed time...sometimes they argue and want undies and I'm like ..."Your hoo hoo needs to breathe! It's healthier this way!" ;) Ha! Zoos make me sad too. :( Love the movie Baby Mama. So funny! I miss the days of sleeping in but I know they will come again too soon and then I'll miss now. So great to learn more about you!

  3. zoo's make me sad as well. But having kids it's hard to not go to them, so we try to go to little farms instead. Still weird when they have the coyote cage right next to the chicken coop. Umm hello?

  4. Fun post. You are so lucky to live in San Diego. I love it down there.

  5. I go by KT80 sometimes, which comes from a WEIRD cartoon thing online known. The website is homestarrunner, and one of the characters is Strong Bad, and he responds to emails he gets from people. One of them is about what his favorite email would be, and he mentions all the hot Katies, but especially you KT80. It's really worth watching, especially since I have done an awful job of trying to explain it!

  6. Ha! Loved this post! Kaity Bug is also what we call my daughter. But lately she is obsessed with writing K8 as in SK8! Ha! Baby Mama was a hilarious movie! Amy Pohler is so funny...and teamed up with Tina Fey was just insanely funny!

  7. You are so funny! BABY MAMA is a HILARIOUS flick! I find myself nodding with so many of your answers! Commando and thongs are the best--more economical too--less detergant required!!

    Loved learning more about you Kate!

  8. Zoos make me incrediably sad as well and people think I'm weird for that. It's comforting to know that there are others in the world that share the same discomfort about wild animals being out if their habitat. Forever 21 jewelery is the best, I just bought 3 pairs of sunglasses there for 19 bucks. It was like Christmas came early.

  9. I"m so intrigued about the pet peeves you won't mention...

    My other queer recently turned vegan friend Kate (you both are two of my favs, leading me to believe there's something to being named Kate, and being lesbian, and being vegan) plays the drums. She was actually in a band here in LA for several years. Then she moved to MD where we met her when she briefly dated and was engaged to our roommate. Now they're broken up, she's dating someone new and we're desperately trying to get them to move to LA. a) triple date b) I bet she'd teach you to rock on the drums. That was really round about. Oops.

  10. @Kelly - I use k8 or k8te or k8tedid a lot, for usernames and screen names. Best of all, my husband and I have been given our own celebrity nickname: Sk8te, which I love!

  11. This made me smile :) - thanks Katie Kins (I call my daughter Abbey Kins sometimes)!!!

  12. zoos make me sad, too, i refuse to visit them anymore. and i had no idea you were so young! i guess you're just wise for your years... : )

  13. I don't think Ang would be the only one to kill you if you got a dog. Frida might too, and those claws can leave a scar.

  14. I love sea otters and that is an awesome pic of one!

  15. D - Awww, yes, Frida does need a brudder! What kind of dog do you want?

    N - Hahahaha... Katerator...

    O - OMG, when was this???

    P - I would love to hear your offensive pet peeves. :)

    Q - LOVE Baby Mama! "Can I just spray a little PAM down there right before the baby comes out?"

    U - Heeeeeeeeeeeeells yeah.

  16. I agree with your Zoo post. Also, I can't believe you favor thongs. Your a$$ is probably a lot smaller than mine. :)

  17. Your siblings questions cracked me up.

    Isn't it funny how age can change that dynamic? I was a nightmare to my little brother for a good couple of years...I'm so embarrassed about it now.

  18. It's so much fun learning about fellow bloggers!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  19. Loved reading this!!! Amazing that you were in bed until 1:30! :) I love penguins too, they are too cute!

  20. I love this post! Fun to read! I will do it this week!

  21. This was my first ABC post I read. Seems you are a trendsetter, not follower young lady. Funny, we are only 10 years apart :-)

    As usual, this was cute.

  22. that was fun to read! oh and i am with you on zoos being depressing...i always get sad when we go...

  23. I NEED TO TRY YOUR TOFU SCRAMBLE!!! Too funny about Ang and the Beta Alanine....sad!!! Okay, we are even more alike than I thought. I HATE cleaning. I could stay in my bed all day long and I also have ADD.. Wow I feel better to know someone else is just like me:) Zoo's make me sad too. Baby Mama was hilarious...time to watch it again:)

  24. I can relate on so many of these! Yellow is my color too. I get sad at zoos--they are depressing. Love Amy Poehler and Baby Mama. And I have always cringed at the word ain't! (is it a word? Guess it's in the dictionary)

  25. I can't believe I missed this one!!! Where was I? This was great!! Nothing was a surprise, so I guess that shows how well I really know you Sweetheart...You are SO funny! Love you!

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