Monday, March 14, 2011

A Big Week in My Little World

Last week presented a lot of great news and changes on the horizon.  I've also been a busy little bee so I haven't had the opportunity to blog much (but don't worry, I still read yours daily!)

Early last week I was notified by the egg donation center that an Australian couple had chosen me to be their donor.  We set a date in May to begin the process.  They will be flying all the way to San Diego with the intent to go home pregnant.  I have high hopes of making that happen for them.

I was also offered a position at an incredible organization that recruits and trains court appointed special advocates for children in the foster system.  I had been crossing my fingers (and toes) in hopes of getting this position in Development and sure enough, Friday came with great news.  I am thrilled to become a part of their amazing team.  On the same note, it is bittersweet saying good-bye to the oranization I currently work for.  I believe it was fate that I found my job here and quickly became part of the "family". 

To celebrate my job offer, Ang and I went for a fun 7 miler on the San Diego harbor.  What better way to bask in the glory of good news?   After a quick stretch session we grabbed some food and headed to the bookstore.  Ever since I was a kid, the bookstore has been one of my favorite places to spend time.  In fact, my aunt and I used to spend entire days at the bookstore drinking coffee and reading.  I wished I could have an apartment directly above the store so that I could spend my days surrounded by the smell of books and coffee.  Childhood dreams are the best.  Actually, that still sounds pretty enticing.

The weekend came with a blast of activity and productivity.  I was up by 6am (which is unheard of) and off to watch our friends Dana and Daniel run a 4 mile race.  Angela and I played with their insanely adorable daughter, Isabella and Petey the pooch while they ran through Mission Bay Park.  Angela proceeded to drag me (literally dragged me) to spin class.  I did it and felt great!  If it's not running, I'm usually not inclined to do it.  Luckily, we had a female instructor which I found more entertaining than a dude.  She wore nothing more than a sports bra so I basically stared at her abdominals the entire time. 

Me and Izzie, Just Chillin'

In other good news, I experienced my first enjoyable long run since the marathon!  This is huge.  Lately, my long runs have been nothing short of dreadful.  Fatigue and weakness overtook my body.  But not yesterday.  I felt strong and energized.  I ran 16 miles solo without music or distractions of any kind.  I stayed in tune with my body the entire way and finally processed all of the big news I receieved last week.  Boredom didn't strike once for over 2 hours.  I even ran my old pace! You know, the faster pace that I haven't been able to find for awhile.  It was unreal how smoothly it all went.  

Running along the harbor

I can't imagine processing things the way I do without running.  Like many runners, I think best while on the run.  I'm more lucid when I am in motion.  I can piece together my life -- the good and the bad -- in an effective way.  I am coherent and clear-headed and able to take on the world when I'm running...thank goodness for that.

Does anyone else have good news to share?


  1. Yaaay Kate! Congrats on the job and the run! So happy for you!!!! :)

  2. Congrats on the new job. It sounds exciting and challenging (as well as uplifting and occasionally heartbreaking). I'm happy to hear that your running has become joyful again. I figured that it would, you just needed a little break and some rest.

    By the way, I'm not sure how long your new header photo has been up (I frequently just use
    Reader unless I want to comment), but it is beautiful! I just love it. How many takes to get that beautiful smile and the stride just perfect like that? :-)

  3. Great Pics! What a beautiful day to go for a run!

  4. Congrats on your new job!! And on your joyful long run!

  5. Wow--big week for sure! So excited for you for the job, the egg donation, the good run, etc. Awesome.

    And I love the new header--you have beautiful running form. Don't try to change it!

  6. OMIGOSH--I HAVE SOME MUCH TO COMMENT ON! You are such a selfless person--amazing. You embody "giving" to the very core! Bookstores are so inviting aren't they? I love people-watching too, so that's a bonus.

    CONGRATS on the job and the donation!! Both parties will be thrilled to work with you Im sure!

    Love the pic of you and Izzie!

  7. Deeply impressed with how giving you are on a personal and professional level. The world would be a better place if more people followed your lead.

    Your new job sounds like a great opportunity. I envy those whose jobs make a clear difference in the world. I feed the corporate machine, which certainly serves its purpose, but it's challenging to connect the dots on the positive impact on society.

  8. Congrats on the new job, the egg donation, and the great run! What a fantastic week. :) I hope it continues. Thanks for sharing!

  9. good news: just kicked ass on my 2nd to last presentation for my job. and the weekly staff meeting got canceled, which allowed me to read your post. indeed, all good news.

  10. Congrats on all the wonderful news. Sounds like you are quite the busy lady these days! Seems like all the great news and exciting experiences ahead were just the perfect fuel and motivators for you. Best of luck with all the excitement ahead of you! And it sounds like you are right on track for that trail marathon coming up.

  11. Congratulations on the job AND your donation. Wow! That's great karma you've got going - no wonder your 16 miler was magical. Love your enthousiasm...

  12. Congrats on the new job! There is no better way to think through the big and little things in life than with running. :)

  13. Congratulations on the new job, egg donation, and awesome long run! That's a lot of GOOD!

    I adore bookstores. I love to lose myself in them for hours...

  14. I am so incredibly thrilled for you. I know through your altruism, you will get as much out of this egg donation and learn so much about yourself, as the couple will. I think the timing of all these events: the job, the donation, the run, is just awesome! Enjoy it friend, you deserve it!

    In my part of the world - my back is feeling better after a week of 100% rest. I was such a sloth!

    And I definitely want to echo Debbie, I LOVE the picture in your header. That is what I aspire to when running!

  15. I love thinking on the run.

    It's about the only time I am sane. ;)

    Love the photos.

    YAY for spin class. LOOOOOOOVE spin class.

  16. I'm glad you had a wonderful week after feeling a little down the past few weeks. :) Hoping you're back on track!

  17. wow Kate! this is all so wonderful.
    I love the new header you have! what a perfect picture! Congrats on your new job! and these Aussies are lucky lucky people!!! I hope this works out and a healthy little person will enter this crazy world! I say it again, this is a great thing that you are doing for them. You will change their life all for the better. You will be this family's angel. that is huge.

  18. Love your new header! And congrats on the new job and the great run! I'm glad things are back to normal for you. It sounds like all your news is going to benefit a lot of people! Yay for you!

  19. Congratulations on all the great news! I love the new header pic also.

  20. I do have good news - my husband received a promotion at work on Friday!!!

    Back to you being an egg donor though - I would love to hear more about this. Being on the other side of things (infertility) I would love to hear why you chose to do this for the couple. I love that you are by the way! And if you have any quesions about the meds I have taken a lot of them. I assume they will still have you take everything so that you give the best possible donation you can. Anyhow, even if you don't share more about this, I think it's wonderful!

    Glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  21. Wow what an awesome week!! Your new job sounds AMAZING, and yaaay for such an awesome run!! That's part of why I love running so much- just zoning out and thinking:)

  22. awesome!! congrats on both of your big newes (is that a word LOL).

  23. congratulations on the job, Kate!!

    So amazing about the donation, too. WOW! They are so lucky that there are people with your giving spirit in this world.

  24. Congrats on your new job and return to awesome long running! It sounds like a good week for sure!

  25. Oh darlin', so happy for you on all counts! I'm very excited to see what else has been going on!

  26. Oh, Kate, this is all such wonderful news! I'm so excited for that couple hatching your eggs! And a big congratulations on your new job. :)

    Maybe if my spin instructor were hot I would enjoy it more. I kinda find myself getting bored now. It was fun at first for a change, but the new has worn off.

  27. You're so awesome!!! Congrats on the job!! And egg donation too! What a great person you are to make a difference in someone elses life like that! :)

  28. Congrats on all the good stuff! I love bookstores- doesn't matter what kind of mood I'm in, they just make me happy (or happier). Same with surfin' Amazon :)

    My good news- I didn't get a RIF (laid off) this week. I'm sad for all my fellow teachers that did, though :(

  29. Love the new picture Kate! You're flying...just love it! I'm so happy hear that you got your groove back and running is enjoyable again!
    All great happy for you!! Did I mention how very proud of you I am??? I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! For everything you do...for everything you are ...You are so very loved!

  30. No comment I could leave would top your mom's comment, so I'll just say:
    new job, egg donation, good long run....that is a big week!

  31. When it rains it happy for you that it's all good rain!!! That kind of rain you go running outside in and smile :).

  32. Congrats on all that great news. What a rewarding new job that's going to be.

    Glad you are getting your MOJO back. I'm finally gonna run trails this weekend. Ironically enough, Skyline 2 Sea is now OUT for us. Our lodging fell through. Oh well. It looks like a beautiful race and I'm sure you guys will love it. How cool to run through a redwood forest.

  33. That's great news! Congrats! I also could spend days in a bookstore. They are one of my favorite places!

  34. Congratulations on the new job - that is awesome! And that header photo is simply stunning. I'm so glad running is becoming enjoyable for you again!

    I have happy news - today I am celebrating my 3rd wedding anniversary (which is actually also 4 years to the date that we met). It's a happy day!

  35. Congratulations! I thought maybe you were talking about CASA (I am familiar with it since it's my sorority's national philanthropy), but it looks like they do the same type of work. It must be so rewarding to work for a non-profit :o)

    Good news? Hmmm. Well, my husband sort of has a part-time contracting gig, so, it's kind of good news after 2 years of unemployment. Hoping this is a sign the economy is repairing itself.

  36. I am BEYOND happy for you!! YOU DESERVE IT!!! RUNNING IS THE BEST WAY TO CELEBRATE GOOD NEWS!!! Yay for your awesome long run are on FIRE!!!!

  37. quite the week indeed! congrats on the new job and the donor selection, i'm sure both will be truly rewarding experiences. btw, LOVE the new header photo! you make quite the stunning runner : ) so glad to hear you had a fantastic run again, and i'm sure there will be many more to come!

  38. Love the organization you'll be working with. And egg donor? do have a lot to be very very pleased with. :) Great job on the run...had to have felt great. I love Izzie's or Izzy's (how we spell it) :) :) LOVE the header if I haven't already said that. I will take your legs, k thanks. :)

  39. Lady, you are seriously amazing. Thanks for inspiring me and congratulations on your big week!!

  40. Duh, of course they picked your eggs for egg donation. You're a runner!

    I'm not sure which event is more exciting... your job or your run. It's a tie.


  41. Congratulations on your long run, woo hoo, you're back!!!!

    I got such good news today, I am crying just sitting here remembering it. I had a tonsillectomy two weeks ago and at my age (36) it's a horrible excruciatingly painful agonizing experience. Not exaggerating. I was healing and recovering well then noticed I had holes in my throat where there should be no holes. Googling of course led me to believe I had a serious complication. But I went to my doctor today and he said the holes, while rare to occur, will heal on their own. After spending nearly 24 hours thinking my life was going to change, and regretting my decision to have surgery, it looks like there was nothing to worry about after all. Tears of joy, I tell you!

  42. Right on! New job! I started my new job last week, so I suppose that is good news. But your job is way more bragadocious, since you are passionate about it. I think lawyers are boring buttheads, and I have ZERO passion for my job. boo.

  43. Big congrats on your new job AND for getting selected to donate eggs. You have had a busy week! I'm glad you're back into running!

  44. Congrats on your new job and being an egg donor! you are going to make someone'sdream come true which is amazing

    I love bookstores! My mom and would also spend hours reading books and finding treasures at book sales. The smell of a bookstore or library is one of the best things ever.

    Also could not process stuff without running! I was going crazy when I couldn't run or exersize for months due to an illness. I'm so happy mentally and physically having it back in my life (no matter how slow lol)

    love your blog!

  45. Love your new header! Whenever I read your posts I find myself nodding with agreement at how your words resonate with me. Running helps me process for SURE! so much. It is my anti anxiety and depressant in so many ways. :) My happy pill.
    My favorite thing to do is to be in a bookstore with coffee! Glorious. Doesn't happen much these days but that season in my life will come again! :) For now, I stay away from those settings if I am with my kids since my son likes to tear around like a crazy kid! :)
    congrat on the job again!

  46. Congrats on the new job and egg donor and the run! sounds like a fantastic week.

    I just found out i'm getting a credit on Gears of War 3, which is a video game I worked on before joining the 343 Studio. I worked on it early in the development so wasn't sure if I'd get a credit or not. So I'm super excited about that!

    Hope your runs keep going well you rock!

  47. gosh I don't think i have anything that could measure up to your news!! How extremely exciting!!

  48. What great news! You're body must have felt all that positive energy during your run.

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