Friday, April 15, 2011

Scatter Brained Friday

Friday has finally arrived!  The sun is out, doing its own Friday dance, as many of us sit inside, typing away at our desks. It feels sinful to be caged in this office building when the weather is so glorious. If only I could take my work outside with me. Working remotely from the beach would be perfect. I think it’s time I write a proposal…

I have to admit, today came with a surprising hangover. I only had 2 martinis last night and woke up feeling worse than I do after a bottle of wine. How is this possible? I was literally slurring my words before my second martini glass was empty. Needless to say, today is off to a rough start. I have a huge cup of freshly brewed coffee stationed within an inch of my hand and I have already downed several cups of water. My head is pounding and I would love to close my eyes.

This weekend is going to involve packing and drinking loads of wine. We found a new apartment in the same neighborhood and are super excited to move! Packing must always involve good music and a drink. It is utterly annoying, otherwise. Our new place is darling and I can’t wait to have my first housewarming party. If you lived here, I’d totally invite you.  We'll probably pick up a few more bottles from the wine tasting we're attending on Saturday.  Maybe I should do a wine review!  :)

So…The Boston Marathon is in the air! Lately, the thought of even a half marathon sounds ridiculous. I realize with running, my performance and my drive ebb and flow. Right now, I am running to stay in shape but typically, I run because it keeps me sane. I know this stage won’t last forever but I also know it’s perfectly necessary right now. I can’t go full-force 365 days a year and maybe this is just nature’s way of preventing overuse injuries. It makes sense, right? I still feel light on my feet (some days) and although I haven’t been wearing a Garmin, I think my pace is decent.

Do you find that you need respite from running at times?
What do you fill your time with?

I need to mention Beth, at SUAR. She has had a very rough time dealing with an injury and I will be cheering her on from San Diego as she runs Boston on Monday. She has been through the ringer and is still running this race. She’s a badass mama! Best wishes, Beth! I hope all of you that are running on Monday have a fantastic time. Break a leg! (not really…)


  1. I think different types of alcohol have different effects- I can drink way more than necessary of hard liqueur and never be hungover, but I'm hurting after a few glasses of wine. Weird.

    I like your theory that the urge to take it easy it actually nature's wake up call. I'm going to use that tomorrow when I want to sleep in ;)

  2. Long day at the office for you! Have fun with the move--sounds like you embrace it rather than dread it. That's a cool attitude!

    I always need a respite from running and I take it late fall/early winter every year. Does the mind and body good!

  3. Gee, you'll be drinking and I'll be running. The La Jolla Half Marathon, that is, so I'll be in your neck of the woods! To bad you're not in racing mode, I'd love to see you out there!

    (I'm still not totally sure I'm running the half. The 5k, which my hubby is announcing, sounds alluring. Of course, I'd run to the start line, then do the race to get in at least 6.2 miles.)

    Enjoy your new apartment! Moving sucks, but it's always fun to have a new place.

    PS My user name changed because I moved by blog to WordPress. I'm still Debbie, though :-)

  4. Whoot whoot! Of course you were drinking! It was my birthday! No worries, you and your body need this rest and fun before marathon training picks up again in June. Otherwise you'll burn yourself out!

  5. Congrats on the new digs!

    I hear ya on the running. I am injured right now but I seem to be excited about my elliptical workouts. Its weird!

    Have a great weekend!

    Go Beth!

  6. packing + wine = please label boxes. ;)

    SUAR rocks.

  7. Have a great time moving! It sounds like you make the best of it.
    My running desire ebs and flows and when I don't listen I do get injured so you're very smart! I get on the bike in the off times!

  8. I am so looking forward to having an ebb and flow. So far this year (and last year, really) I have had to schedule my ebbs and flows. I look forward to running because I love running. And to just see where my desires lead me. Obviously the desires led me to crazy this year!

    Your new place sounds awesome - looking forward to hearing more about it and here's to the move going off without a hitch.

    Sorry the booze was unkind to you last night. I had that happen last week. No bueno.

  9. I feel like I can drink wine and beer for days, but two martinis knock me under the table!

    Good luck with your move! Oh, you make me miss San Diego. I've been thinking about it more often than I should be lately.

  10. You are so sweet. Thanks for mentioning me and my journey, means a lot!!

    Good luck with the wine drinking and packing and moving. I had wine last night and felt like shit. You are not alone.

  11. I know what you mean, I burn out sometimes on training programs, so i just fall back to other things like frisbee, yoga, hiking. That keeps me in shape so that i can come back to running when I'm ready

  12. My husband's cousin from Buffalo is in town visiting, and I just took her to our local winery Wednesday and introduced her to good wine.

    I probably wouldn't be so broke if we didn't live 3.5 miles from a winery...

  13. breaks are not good for me, slowing down is ok..but I stay on a plan. it helps me. I am scared of slowing down too much and have a hard time coming back..maybe because I am old. :)

  14. Isn't it funny when alcohol affects you in a different way? Last year I was slurping some wine out of a coffee mug on a camping trip with a bunch of non-drinkers and I swear it affected me way more than when I'm drinking with other drinkers _- Maybe my slur was just much more noticeable with no other slurring going on! :D

    Congrats on your new place.

  15. No one will be cheering harder for SUAR in San Diego than me. I will beat you in cheering for Beth :-)

    Don't forget to cheer for me tomorrow as I run LJ Half.

    Welcome back.

  16. hope you have a fun wine/moving extravaganza! i think this "break" from hard training will be good for you mentally and physically and leave you raring to go for CHICAGO!!

  17. I agree... sometimes you run out of habit and for fitness and other times it is pure passion and you can't get enough! I always feel like my feelings coincide with the seasons. I think you are right though, and it IS good. Otherwise we would be totally burn out and our legs would never get a break.

  18. Hope you had a great trip Kate!!! Sounds like a blast!

    And, running appears to be very enjoyable for you and you don't have to go full throttle stat/pace wise. Run nekkid!

    Congrats to all the Bostoners!!!!

  19. Being out of town for two weeks, I didn't get to comment in a timely fashion ;-) But now it's too late to say much of anything on anything so I'll have to wait until you post again! FWIW, I can't drink anything anymore... as I've gotten older, my system just doesn't seem to process alcohol like it used to. Such a bummer :(

  20. Hi Kate, we've been trying to reach you. Please email when you get a sec, thanks.

    -Skye, BlogHer,

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