Monday, July 11, 2011

My New Beach Toy & Inspiration

I may have mentioned a time or two that I’ve been in a running rut.  While I was marathon-obsessed at the time of Chicago registration, I wasn’t quite as gung ho when the training began.  I decided I would play it by ear.  If I hated the training I would drop out and sell my bib.  Why do something if it doesn’t make me happy?

Allowing myself the freedom to choose whether or not I would run Chicago has actually made me WANT to run Chicago.  Getting back into long runs has been slow-going but after yesterday I feel ready and able to do this.

My New Toy!

I picked up Angela from work yesterday in my new jeep.  The day prior I bought the most fitting SoCal vehicle, perfectly equipped for a surfboard and the beach.  When Ang hopped in the Jeep she was still reeling from The U.S. Women's win against Brazil.  She gave me a play by play of the game and her excitement had me all pumped up.  Female athletes are so inspiring, especially this group of women.  They are are so incredibly fit and (after watching the highlights) it was clear that they gave their everything out on the field.  It was amazing and Ang's energy was contagious. 


We cruised over to Swami’s Beach and met up with Theresa, one bad ass woman of 40 (that looks 30) with a rocking body.  She is also running Chicago and she served as my fit-body inspiration as I ran behind her.  We set off for 14 miles in the hot sun and we managed it just fine.  Toward the end our pace definitely slowed but we all felt fine afterward.  We rushed into the ocean and gave ourselves a nice little ice bath.  My calves thanked me today.

Surf Sign by Swami's Beach

Days like yesterday make me so grateful to be living in San Diego.  I can’t imagine living without a coastline of beaches at my fingertips and mild weather year round.  I am wimpy in extreme heat and miserable in the cold.  I have found my paradise here.  The laid back attitude and peacefulness is greater than I ever imagined AND I can take my top off any month of the year.  My Jeep top that is.

I am now in the market for a surfboard-- The perfect cross training tool. :)


  1. Glad to hear you're getting back into your running groove. Fourcing it would have just made it an unberiable experience, now you are pumped and ready for fun!

    Car is super cute!

  2. Love that run from Swami's along the coast. If you started out south, that hill at the finish is definitely a character builder. Glad you're getting your mojo back. And, nice car, you'll certainly make a great surfer girl. No one will believe you're not a native!

  3. What an awesome toy!!!!! You're gonna have so much fun with that!

    I just can't get into soccer. At all.

  4. I love San Diego! I'm especially jealous of the weather- out here in Riverside we're psyched to have not hit 90 today!

  5. Oh take all the tops off. Everyone is doing it.

    Love the new toy. I need one.

  6. i love the new toy! what a perfect car.

    womens world cup soccer is SO AMAZING! i played soccer much of my life and just get so crazy excited about it. those ladies are incredible.

    san diego does sound like it would be an ideal place to live...i have thought of a west coast relocation many times in my life but with all of my (and my husband's) family out here we just couldn't do it. trade-offs, i guess.

  7. Aww... I used to live in Encinitas (between Encinitas Blvd and Leucadia, just east of I-5)...

    Your photos made me homesick for my favorite beach town! :)

  8. Okay, I am jealous. Do you think that I could fit all 4 kids in that jeep? I am glad you are back into your training. I have been struggling a little bit with Chicago training too. I don't know if it is the summer and the kids are home with me, but it has been easy to shorten my long runs etc...I am definitely getting more into it.
    P.S. my boys watched the entire women's game and were so EXCITED. the best line from my 9 year old.."Mom, these girls ROCK!!"

  9. Welcome to the wonderful world of owning a Jeep, my friend! A REAL JEEP

    (I'm a Jeep snob..."Ohhh I have a Jeep!" "Oh yeah? What year?" "It's a 2008 Liberty!" "..............*le facepalm*...I have a Jeep, and you have a Liberty." You'll know what I mean at some point, lol!)

    Don't forget to wave to fellow Jeep owners, and yes, topless is the best way to go in SoCal, I'm sure. :D

  10. I was living in San Diego for 3 out of the 4 years recently, and I absolutely love it. Each day I miss having the opportunity to run along sunset cliffs or at los penasquitos trails. Enjoy it! I definitely think you're approaching Chicago the correct way, by allowing it to be a privilege and not a chore. Have Fun!! :)

  11. FUN car!!!! My sister-in-law had one and LOVED it :) Good luck with the surfing!

  12. Don't forget bodysurfing - the purest form of the sport!

  13. I drive a Jeep Liberty and I tell people that it's a Barbie Jeep.

    I'm glad that you are feeling better about Chicago. Some days I am super pumped and excited. Other days I feel overwhelmed and TERRIFIED! It is going to be here before we know it!

  14. I have major lifestyle envy. The car the beach the surfing the weather. Oh girl! It sounds fantastic. Enjoy!

  15. AHHH I WANT A NEW TOY!!! Omigah girl. What I would do to live in yo shoes. Give me the ocean and the beach nowwww.

  16. cute car! And i'm super jealous of your beach weather, seattle has yet to decide if it wants to be summer here or not yet

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