Monday, August 8, 2011

18 Miles of Solitude

It’s Monday.  Back to the daily grind.  I really think we need to take on a more European approach to working.  We need siestas and more vacation time.  This whole 40 hour work week just seems like a silly way to spend our precious days.  Life is too short!

Sorry—I have this talk with myself every Monday after I drag myself out of bed and force myself back into business attire after a weekend of yoga pants and going bra-less.

I did my 18 miler this weekend all by my lonesome self.  Angela had to work so I was solo.  It wasn’t as bad as I anticipated but it was hotter than I expected.  Usually the marine layer hangs around until noon but I had no such luck this Sunday.  It was bright and sunny by 9 am.  I was melting.  In an effort to not have to carry anything, I did the first 7 ½ miles right in my neighborhood.  When I eventually tired of Balboa Park I returned home and grabbed my handheld water bottle and some Gatorade.  I finished the run by heading downtown, to the harbor and back.

Ending an 18 miler on several uphills is killer on the legs, as I’m sure you know.  I was just barely dragging myself along by the end.  But I made it all in one piece!  I was soaking wet and my feet were throbbing but I did it.

I decided to try something new and I listened to an audio book for 2.5+ hours.  It was actually pretty nice! For one, I didn’t have to change the song or create a playlist. It also made it comparable to running with a friend. I like chatting and hearing stories along the way so this was the way to go. I was entertained! I highly recommend it if you are into that sort of thing. If you know me, I’m a huge book worm so I seize any opportunity to devour a book.

I met up with my friend Ashley for lunch at a place called Rancho's in North Park.  We shared a burrito and vegan pancakes.  It was the perfect combination of food after a long run.  I think it may become our regular post-run breakfast spot.
Ranchos is a funky little spot that displays an assortment of
mexican art & an array of Frida Kahlo portraits

The rest of the weekend was rather uneventful but in a good way.  I babysat my favorite 2 year old on Saturday.  She makes me want to have a kid!  When I am babysitting her I feel like we’re just hanging out.  We go for walks, go out for breakfast and we talk.  It might not be the most intellectual conversation but it’s fun!  I say “I love you!” and she says it back. T hat feels awesome.  I tell her she’s pretty and she tells me I am pretty.  It’s great for my ego.

For my readers out there – if you’ve read Sarah’s Key you must see the movie.  MUST.  Bring a huge supply of tissues or else you'll have make-up smeared down your face like I did after hours of crying.  I went to the theatre on Saturday and I absolutely loved it.  Many parts of this film were in French (which made me love it even more) and Kristin Scott Thomas is the lead actress.  I think she is brilliant and I recommend ALL of her movies.  I recently watched two French films starring Kristin Scott Thomas, Leaving and I’ve Loved You So Long. Both of these are fantastic.  If you like foreign films, check them out. 

tres magnifique!

I am starting to get a little antsy waiting for my treadmill to arrive. It takes 2 whole weeks to be delivered and I have a very small amount of patience. I want that sucker in my living room right now. I am way too excited to wait another week and a half.  Send a prayer to the running gods that it miraculously shows up on my doorstep tomorrow – okay?  Thank you!


  1. I'm the worst at waiting for packages. I track them online and get really angry when they get diverted from say AZ to MS when I live in CA!

  2. I listen to This American Life on my long runs. I love the stories....i will have to try a book.

  3. I love listening to audiobooks when I run or ride. Makes the miles go faster when you're alone.

  4. I did my 18 mile run this weekend hills at the end though and my legs are still killing me!!!

  5. I loved the book Sarah's Key. Now I must see the movie and go to Ranchos. It's a bit of a drive, but I think I can manage. I'll call you for a drink. Great 18 miler for you; I like the audio book idea a lot!!

  6. I love going braless. I try to go braless all the time, as long as my tops allow for it and don't reveal too much! Way to go on your long run, you superstar!! I've never tried an audio book but it sounds like it's worth a shot! PS. Burritos and pancakes?? When can I meet you for breakfast?!?!

  7. AHHHHH you are kick ass!!! I have never ran that far so clearly you're my hero right now. Feel free to kick my butt running annnyyyttimee especially with dem pancakes!!

  8. great job on the 18 miles! i may have to try the audio book thing. i haven't read sarah's key yet, but it's on my kindle so hopefully soon. i had no idea there was already a movie out, though! i love KST, especially in i've loved you so long. have a great week!

  9. Well done with your solo run! I often do long runs solo to build mental strength for the ultras. I believe it works well and that's what matters mentally. I never run with music and I'm trying to think how you listen to an audio book while on a long run...? I get totally in a zone with my body and surroundings when on a long run. Hope you receive that TM soon!

  10. 'back into business attire after a weekend of yoga pants and going bra-less.' Story of my life every monday! If I could stay in workout clothes all day i'd be in heaven!:) What audio books have you listened to? This is a great idea for LR's. Nice 18 miler girl!

  11. Bwahahaha, nice run, missy! I tried listening to a Harry Potter audio book (you may laugh now) once on an 8-miler, and I suppose it'd be much more effective if the distance were longer. A little over an hour of listening to a British man do silly character voices wasn't as much fun as say, 2.5 hours. :\

  12. I feel so behind the times, but I didn't know they made Sarah's Key into a movie- it was such a wonderful novel. Thanks for sharing, I'll have to check it out!

  13. I love the idea that we need to go more European in our approach to work. I have been saying that for a long time!

  14. WOW kudos on the 18 miles! I have my first 18 miler coming up in ten days and I'm really nervous. I lost my ipod so it will just be me and me obsessive thoughts. I def agree on the European approach to work, I just don't think I'm cut out for a 40 hr week. I hadn't heard of Sarah's Key before but I'll look into it now :) Should I read the book first or skip right to the movie? Generally I like reading the book first.

  15. i love love love KST and thought she was fab in I've Loved You So Long. Totally agree about the work week. I usually work 45-50 hours and it is just way too much

  16. I listened to Tina Fey's Bossypants on my last alone long run. I don't do long runs alone very often, but as far as I am concerned, audiobook is totally the way to go!

  17. Responding back to you :)

    Tina Fey reads Bossypants in the Audiobook and she does a great job! I think I'd actually rather hear her read it than read it myself!

  18. I have heard amazing things about Sarah's Key! Its on my list to read. In fact, one of the woman at the gym last night was reading it!

  19. I envy that you went out for 7 miles, stepped back into your house, and then went out again for another 11. That takes some serious motivation!

  20. I can't believe you're so excited about a dreadmill! ;)

    We have started hanging out with our two-year-old nephew a lot more lately, and I even entered him in a fun run last weekend. I think it's a great age!

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