Saturday, August 13, 2011

Best. 20. Miler. Ever.

I am convinced that pizza is the absolute best food to eat the night before a long run or a marathon.  I'm sure many dieticians will disagree with this premise, but I have pretty sound reasoning behind this.  All of my good long runs and races happen after eating a whole lot of vegan pizza the night before.  That's my theory anyhow, and I will be eating pizza the night before the Chicago Marathon.

The morning after our little pizza party we set off for 20 miles along the coast at 8am.  We couldn't have asked for better weather.  It was about 65 degrees the entire way with a nice marine layer that hung around the entire time.  At mile 16 Angela and Teresa called it quits because they're smartie pants and they listen to their bodies (something I might not have been smart enough to do).  However, I was feeling so great I could have run a marathon.  Honestly.  All I can hope is that the weather cooperates in Chicago and I feel just as great as today.

Me and Hot Bod Teresa
We look the same age, right?  Lucky B&%^h! ;-)

I finished the 20 miles with an average pace that was right on target with my training plan.  I didn't drop to my knees and thank god that the run was over.  I felt great!  Running with others helps to slow me down a bit and makes for a far more enjoyable run.

After our kick-ass run we hit up a place called Lotus Cafe in Encinitas which is basically heaven for vegans (and non-vegans).  I ate almost this entire chocolate peanut-butter cupcake by myself before my vegan tamales even arrived at our table.

One of the best things I've EVER put in my mouth....

Angela enjoying her enchiladas and yes, we bring Starbucks everywhere.

To balance out the cupcake and pizza, we made a healthier dinner.   Our salad consisted of arugula, mixed greens, strawberries, sliced almonds, dried cranberries, fresh basil, cucumber and homemade white balsamic dressing.  Delish!   On the side we had red wine and some spinach pasta covered in fresh basil.  I am quite satisfied.  :)
Our delicious salad with all sorts of goodies

The bike trainer Angela ordered arrived the other day so I am looking forward to some cross training on the bike tomorrow morning.  I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

What is your favorite meal the night 
before a long run or a race?


  1. I'm a fan of pizza too- something I know that won't upset my stomach! I think it's more about what I shouldn't eat the night before (Mexican, ice cream, Chinese, or alcohol).

  2. Gosh, I've run so many 20 milers starting and ending in Encinitas! My favorite SD county spot. Love the Lotus Cafe, too, though it's pretty new and wasn't there when I was running big mileage. I was always pretty much a pasta girl pre-race, but I've loaded up on pizza too before a marathon. Wine, too, in spite of good intentions, cause I need wine w/my pizza :-)

    Of course, now there's a Native Foods in Chicago (or three), so pre-race can be easy (and they do have pizza!)

    Nice job on the 20 miler, girl.

  3. Just found your blog through runninghood! great run!! when is your next big race?

  4. Well, all 3 of you are simply beautiful women…not one outshines the others :) All that food is making me soooo hungry…I still need to eat tonight and it's 11!

    Fantastic that you had such a stellar 20! What an awesome confidence-builder :) Chicago is going to be amazing for you!

  5. AHHHH I AM SO SO HAPPY that you had such an amazing run and felt like you could have kept going. I totally agree about pizza being the BEST running fuel. You look GORGEOUS as usual and I am praying you will have great temps in Chicago!

  6. YUM! That cupcakes DOES look amazing! There is something so special about eating cupcakes. Love them.

    Glad you cleared up you meals and don't worry, I would never think you're a total fatty even if you did eat it all in one sitting!

    Mexican food is the best but I would definitely not eat it BEFORE a long run. After is OK though! I've don'e pizza before a long run and I love it! I agree that it is the perfect fuelling food :)

  7. Congrats on an excellent run!

    As for pre-long-run food... Mine isn't pizza, but it's close! My go-to food is pasta with home-made vegetarian red sauce (loaded with lots of mushrooms, bell peppers, and garlic!) I might put parmesan cheese on top, but in general I have no meat or alcohol the night before a long run or race.

  8. Awesome run and awesome eats! Here's something you'll like--one of my best running partners is also a certified nutritionist and her go-to pre-race/pre long-run food is pizza! So you're on to something!

    And how old is Theresa? Just an old lady wondering!

  9. Nice job on the 20 miler!! I will have to try the pizza as prerun fuel idea that sounds pretty great to me!! :)

  10. Now that I think about it, pizza has always been the right fuel for me, too! I had a frickin' fantastic run today, and I had pizza last night, as well. Good grief,'ve found the formula for greatness!

    Your run sounds so awesome, and I'm definitely jealous of the weather! That cupcake looks to.die.for!

  11. Yay for amazing 20's! I'm with you, pizza is the best pre race/long run fuel source. As long as it is not covered in garlic and onions it always sustains me. You would have enjoyed the weather here this morning. Overcast, cool breeze, light drizzle, perfect temps...all the right ingredients for a long run.

  12. I eat pizza almost every Friday night before a Saturday long run...I've done this through training for my first marathon, tri season and going into training for marathon number's never steered me wrong!

  13. Sounds like we had the same kind of meal plan this weekend! The fiance and I did pizza the night before our 17 miler and mexican after. Always works for us!

  14. ahh I love Lotus Cafe! and yay for your 20 mile run, its always so awesome to accomplish long runs like that!

  15. What a great boost of confidence for the Chi town Mary!! So glad you thoroughly enjoyed your 20!

    Get that cupcake in my belly now!!

  16. So pizza the night before the Chicago marathon huh? Okay...we were actually thinking about dragging you & Ang to a piano bar so we could hang out and sing silly songs all night (ha!)

    Love you!

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