Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crazy Bad Luck & A Hair Cut

That's right.  Snip, snip, snip.  I cut a huge chunk of my hair off. 

Look at all that hair!

I could NOT get a good picture, but you get the idea!

I haven't changed my hair in years so this is big news.  Do you think the weight lost from my hair might make me run faster?  I think so.

Angela and I went for a run on Monday, one day after my 18 miler.  My legs felt surpringly fresh and I was able to get in 5.2 miles at a nice pace.  I am starting to notice that I am recovering better while training for this second marathon as opposed to my first.  I think my body knows how to adapt to the longer runs now because it's done it before.  That is a big plus to this training cycle.

and for my bad luck...

Unfortunately, the rest of the week has been going downhill for me.  I started yesterday off with a ticket on my Jeep.  Then, I arrived at work to find out that my co-worker and I made a colossal mistake.  The kind that makes your stomach drop, puts your heart in your throat and makes you almost vomit.  We both felt like complete morons and were scared for our jobs.  Today, I get a text message from Ang letting me know that someone egged my car!  I have no enemies (that I know of) but I was parked in the street so I was fair game.   Of all the Jeep Wranglers in the whole neighborhood (and there are a lot) it just had to be mine.

In more bad luck-- last Friday the top of my Jeep flew off in the middle of the freeway causing me to run into a median wall!  It was frightening but luckily I was okay.  I also had an awful fall a couple weeks ago while running.  I scraped my knee, my arm and my hip so badly that I cried like a baby.  There was a lot of blood and now some nasty looking scars.  Sadly, that wasn't the first time.  I also spilled an entire cup of coffee on myself another day on the way to work and had to go back home to change.  With my recent string of bad luck it can only go up from here!  Right!?  I swear I am a good person! 

Tonight, I am squeezing in another short run before heading to the movies with some friends, and tomorrow is a 7 mile run (5 @ tempo).  I am gearing up for my first 20 miler of the summer, this Saturday.  We are meeting a friend at Lake Hodges which I think will make the time pass quickly.  The 3 of us did our 14 miler together and it was very fun -- the kind of run where you lose track of miles and time.  That is the best way to do a long run, in my opinion.  I am already planning on brunch at Rancho's afterwards. 

 Have you ever made a colossal mistake at work? 
The kind that makes your boss and the CEO gasp. <-- that would be me

Have you ever had a crazy, random string of bad luck? 
If so, what kinds of freak things happened to you?


  1. Ouch! Sorry about your bad luck as of late. I hope it turns around shortly for you.

  2. Hope your week gets better!!! I too noticed I recovered better 2nd time around. I remember my 1st marathon I'd fall asleep on the couch mid bite into my breakfast and wake up 5 hours later dazed and confused :-) But the second time my body could handle it more and I didn't require post workout naps! Don't sweat the work thing I've noticed if you own up to it and do everything you can to fix it ppl understand mistakes happen!

  3. Oh Boy Kate! I am sending positive thoughts your way....and I have made a huge mistake at work before. That can be very stressful. Good luck on your 20.

  4. Whenever I have a string of "bad luck" like that, I always check to see if Mercury is in retrograde ... and it usually is!

    Good news is that things do get better!

  5. Well you look cute as hell with the new 'do so that must be a step in the right direction!

  6. Kate I L-O-V-E your new hair! Ahh it looks so good on you! Does that make up for your terrible-no-good week? I can't believe your string of bad luck :(

  7. I love the new 'do! It's stylish and sleek! I've definitely made a mistake that made everyone go "Whaaaaat?" before. Eek. Not fun.

  8. 20 miles, Lake Hodges? Sounds beautiful!? I'd like to know what trails you are running!

  9. Your hair looks super cute, and I think that with less wind resistance blowing throught your locks you will be flying through your runs!

    I have terrible luck, luck that makes me sometimes think that my life might be the real life Truman Show. But your week sounds even a bit rough for me. I try to think like you, that I've hit rock bottom and the is only place to go is up. Fingers crossed for you!

  10. I can't think about all the mistakes I've made at life...without getting a pain in my tummy so I'm not going to share anything other than...

  11. Sorry about your Jeep and the eggs. I was in the neighborhood and kind of bored. Seemed fun at the time.

    Your hair is gorgeous. You have beautiful hair that behaves, I do not.

    I made a mistake at work and put laxatives in the muffins. Almost cost me my job. It was inentional, but the mistake was that i didn't know how poorly it would go over.

  12. I love the new hair!!! vavavoooom!

    Work mistakes...yep I have done one and I was sure I would loose my job...I was able to fix it with the help of others but it was close...

    sorry about the bad luck...I am myself having a lucky week......sending the lucky vibes your way!!

  13. I tended to have some pretty bad luck this summer. Got in a bad car wreck and it was my fault, my puppy choked on chicken bones and nearly died, and I strained my achillis tendon! On the flip side, I did get engaged lol.

  14. Love the new 'do! Looks great!

    Yes, I have had a string of bad luck like that. One time I received a ticket (for going 3 mph over the limit!) on the way to traffic school for a different ticket. I am 41, and to this day, those are still the only 2 tickets I have ever received (hope I am not jinxing myself!)

    I LOVE Lake Hodges! The drive from Hwy 1 on Via De La Valle/Del Dios Hwy to that area is so beautiful. Enjoy!

    And, I would say that most people have made a major mistake at work at some time in their life, although I know it doesn't feel that when it happens to you. The best advice I received was to fix what you can, and do your best to move forward.

    Keep your chin up!

  15. Your new hair looks FAB! I hope things look up for you - I think the harder times definitely make us stronger. Just keep that in mind! xo

  16. cute haircut! short hair is the best ; ) so sorry to hear about the streak of bad luck, on the bright side i think you are due some GOOD luck very soon!

  17. Your haircut is awesome! You look so pretty... you were before, too. And yes! I have had a recent string of bad luck... about 3 weeks worth. I am DONE with it! Dark cloud over my head, begone! Here's hoping we both get a nice stretch here :)

  18. The accident sounds like it was horrible. Glad you're OK.

    Just remember... the bad days make the good ones seem even better by comparison. (Or at least that's what I tell myself during bad luck tsunamis.)

  19. I like the sexy new haircut!!

    Is it hard to keep out of your face though??

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