Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fast Shoes and Horrible Bosses

My new racing flats came in the mail yesterday, from Brooks, of course.  I have sampled almost every Brooks shoe this year trying to find the perfect one for my foot and my stride.  I chose the T7 Racers because they are minimal (they weigh almost nothing) and they're cuter than the Green Silence, in my opinion.  They provide hardly any support, just a a soft thin sole to protect from debris. 

T7 Racers - They're even lighter and flatter than they appear

I was so excited to run in them so I tore them out of the box immediately when I walked through the door. I slipped them on to find that they fit perfectly, like a glove.  Actually, more like a ballet slipper.  I am so used to bulky soles and weight under my feet but these are on the opposite side of the spectrum.  Here's what Competitor had to say about these kicks:
These performance shoes are fast enough to be the go-to racing choice for many elite runners. They’re minimalistic and perfect for up-tempo runners with an efficient stride. They even feel fine without socks. Light and flexible, the T7 is a perfect update to the beloved T6.
Granted, I am not an elite runner but I do have an efficient stride. I didn't feel any pain during my 6 miles, but to be safe, I ran on the grass as much as possible.  I felt like I was flying!  I didn't wear the Garmin so I don't know if I was actually running faster or if I just felt lighter. 

Can shoes have a placebo effect?

I realize it isn't smart to jump from a supportive shoe to a minimal shoe overnight.  I am going to be patient and try not to run in these new shoes for every run -- but it will be hard.  They felt so great, it will be a challenge to slip on the heavier, clunkier shoes now.  I might try them on the treadmill tonight for a tempo run.  I'm like a kid with a new toy, I can't help myself!

After my run last night, I showered and decided to play with my new hair.  I was excited to find that I can still wear it wavy!  I need versatile hair or boredom strikes. 

I put on some comfy clothes and went to see a late movie with some work friends -- Horrible Bosses.  I don't usually spend money on mainstream movies, but this movie was calling my name.  I probably have one of the best (or worst) horrible boss experiences.  I could go into detail but I'd rather not re-live it.  I think I have PTSD.  Maybe my ex-workplace should pay for therapy, eh?

We drank our wine juice boxes, ate popcorn and skittles and laughed our butts off.  This movie was not unique or brilliant in any way.  In fact, it adhered perfectly to the formula for big-screen comedies these days.  Either way, it was stupid and funny and my abs are sore from laughing.  Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the main characters and he plays his standard, doofy role, which I happen to find extremely hilarious.  Jennifer Aniston is raunchy, a side of her you've never seen.  Kevin Spacey is an evil a-hole and Colin Farrell is unrecognizable.  My friend didn't even realize it was him until the closing credits.  If you've had a horrible boss that has made you consider murder (even for a second) then you should see this movie.  If you can't handle vulgar humor then take a pass.


  1. I love Charlie. WILD CARD BITCHES!

    Those shoes are veeeeeeeeeeeery pretty.

  2. love the new shoes those just look fast!

  3. Those shoes look high-tech. I'm in the mist of a shoe frenzy right now and I'm looking for the perfect racing flat. Are you wearing those for the marathon?

  4. Those shoes are fancy schmancy! I LOVED horrible bosses and love love love Charlie Day

  5. Love the shoes and love your new hair even more! Damn, you look so pretty!

    I saw Horrible Bosses as well! It was a good, cheesy laugh! Colin was definitely unrecognizable!

  6. oh my gosh i WANT THESE SHOES!!!!!!!!!
    ps cutest hair cut everrr!!!

  7. new shoes and a new are having a lucky week:)

  8. I really want to try a lightweight shoe but I have to buy shoes from the stability section so I'm a little scared of going minimal.

    And those waves!! Beautiful! My hair never makes pretty waves like that when it's short!

  9. After reading Born to Run and conversing with Krista over at Running Naked on Sharp Pointy Stuff, I'm thinking about getting some minimal shoes. I've been a slave to Nike the past several years.

    I haven't tried Brooks shoes. Perhaps I should take a look their Men's minimals.

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog and say hello.

    BTW, I think your hair looks really good in wavy form-coming from the male point-of view.


  10. ahh i've been wanting to see horrible bosses since it came out! looking forward to hearing how the T7s work out. sometimes it's a good thing to have a lighter, more minimal shoe for speedwork/shorter runs as well as a more traditional shoe for longer distances.

  11. Thanks for sharing this nice post.If you are like me very much in love nike hyperfuse,then welcome to your return visit.

  12. Oh Katie bug...I hope that is the a different boss your talking about, lol! I love, love the new hair, looks amazing on you! Hope all is well with you and Ang, truely miss you bunches! :)

  13. Wow on those shoes, you better be fast to wear those things! (and you are fast haha) Those shoes will attract a lot of attention! Not sure I could wear those because they just look hideous to me with the huge letters on the front of them, haha

    I thought Horrible Bosses was a pretty hilarious movie, reminded me of The Hangover, but a little toned down version...

    And I just wanted to make sure that you will make use of your treadmill since you are in beautiful weather so cal =)

  14. Nelly- My treadmill arrives Wednesday and I will make VERY good use out of it. We will be best buds, I'm sure.
    I LOVE my new Brooks. I think they are super cute and different than all of my other running shoes and they feel fabulous. I guess you and I just have very different taste.

    I agree, the movie reminded me a lot of the Hangover. It followed the same formula which was why it made me laugh.

  15. I'm glad you love the shoes. I'm still looking for the perfect pair.

  16. HAHAHA sorry I had to comment again but I just DIED at your little menu that you just described on my blog. I was like, wow...she must have been hungry!!! Hope you took pictures for you next post! I want to see the CUPCAKE!!!

  17. Super cute haircut! And, I loved Horrible Bosses too - definitely not original, but soooo funny!

  18. I also race in the T7s- just an older, less cuter them though!

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