Friday, January 27, 2012

Boo Ya, Hills!

I did it.  Hill repeats.  Finally!

I do run hills, believe it or not, but I never do structured hill workouts.  This month's Running Times issue suggested sandwiching in a good hill workout between 2 marathon specific workouts.  So I ran hill repeats the day after a tempo run and 2 days before my long run.  The workout (as suggested in the magazine) was 10 x 1:00 hills with 3:00 jogs in between. 

I ran a total of 7 miles and conquered 7 (treadmill) hills successfully -- which means without dying.  I am not quite up for 10, but soon enough.  It was a great workout.  I plan to kick Heartbreak Hill's ass!  Now that I've gotten past my first set of hill repeats they don't seem nearly as daunting.  Like doing the dishes.  Sometimes you see a whole stack of dishes just sitting in the sink waiting to be washed but the thought of washing ALL of those dirty, messy pots and pans seems overwhelming.  But once you wash them, you realize it wasn't all that bad.  That analogy only works for folks that hate cleaning, like me.

We're going to LA this weekend to visit our friends and in an effort to get out the door at a decent time we are waking up at 6am to run 14 miles tomorrow.  This isn't something I normally do but it will be worth it when I'm finished running before I'd even be rolling out of bed.  Update:  I did it!  I was up at 6am and ran 16 miles instead of 14!  Don't worry, I've already done 14 and it's time to progress.  I feel fantastic!!  On Sunday we plan to run in Santa Monica and then tackle the infamous stairs.  It's going to be a beautiful weekend for running in SoCal!  

What exciting running plans do you have this weekend?