Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Run-Fit Classes and Choosing a Race

I am part of the Brainfood Committee at work, which is a subcommittee of the Workplace Excellence Committee.  My workplace thrives off of meetings and committees, if you can't tell.  Anyway, I put together a Fitness and Nutrition Lunch 'n Learn and brought in Justin Robinson from Rehab United (Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Center) to give a talk. 

He was funny, engaging and he's extremely qualified with all of these letters after his name: MA,RD,CSSD,FAFS,CSCS   <- I have no idea what those mean

What I am most excited about is that I learned there is a Rehab United facility just 3 miles down the street and they offer a Run-Fit class every single week!  I had no idea.

Run-Fit addresses the specific needs of runners: it enhances strength & dynamic flexibility to prevent knee and low-back pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and other injuries. Every session includes running drills to improve form and low-to-moderate intensity plyometrics to increase power and agility.

Run-Fit will make you feel strong and fast for your training runs and races and is ideal for runners of any distance – from 5K’s to marathons.
Run-Fit Class

Have you ever been to a running specific class?
How did you like it? 

Rehab United is where many pro triathletes in San Diego get their fitness and rehab on and I've known about it for quite awhile, I just had no idea how extensive their services are.  In fact, there is a whole article about Rehab United's role in injury prevention on the Triathlete magazine website:

I am excited to try something new that might enhance my training.  I am even considering using a training plan or coaching services through Rehab United for my next marathon -- which will be my "A" Race for 2012.   

Classes at Rehab United

Speaking of "A" Races, I am contemplating running Long Beach or Santa Barbara for a PR.  Boston, unfortunately, is more of a race for the experience rather than the record books.  I want to continue to train post-Boston and increase my speed and endurance before running a killer race somewhere else.  Rock 'n Roll San Diego is in June, but that won't give me enough time to do really well. 

I need your help -- which race should I run? 
Have you run either of these?  Let me know what you think!