Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Healthy Start to 2012

I ended the year with a trail run and I started the new year with a trail run.  It was very fitting. 

Angela and I went for a short run on New Year's Eve just for an excuse to get outside and enjoy the 75 degree day.  We decided to spend NYE at home for a change, just the two of us.  It was wonderful!  We cooked some veggies and pasta, tossed up some salad and enjoyed a quality bottle of wine we picked up while in San Francisco.  It couldn't have been better (unless we had another one of those bottles). 

On New Year's Day we did our long run at Los Penasquitos Canyon where it was 80 degrees.  70s and 80s in January -- how lucky am I?

The trails by our apartment - Last run of 2011

I am starting 2012 off feeling healthy and strong.  Since I spent September and October injured, it feels so nice to be running up to 6 days a week again.  I am definitely not as speedy as I was prior to my injury but I am getting there and I can feel it. 

In the past I'd curse the hills at Penasquitos and walk up some many of them.  At the very least I'd take a break at the top of each hill and have a sip of water.  On Sunday, however, I ran up every single hill and didn't feel the need to complain once.  I did it!  This was a huge accomplishment, although it may seem insignificant.  Hills have always been my enemy -- but I am starting to appreciate them for making me stronger.  I keep Heartbreak Hill in mind each time I encounter one these days. 

Peaceful Penasquitos
I may have peed somewhere around here...

Onto the topic of conversation these days: New Year's Resolutions.  I don't make very specific resolutions.  I am constantly working on myself and striving to be a better "me".  This year I'd like to work on becoming a better sister, daughter, aunt, niece and partner.  I want to work on fostering these important relationships.  It is very easy to become distant when family is 2,000 miles away.  This is my "resolution" if I must name one.

My big running goal of 2012 is to train smart and remain injury-free.  I want to do well in Boston and I want to feel great throughout my training.

How do you hope to become a better "you" in 2012?