Thursday, January 19, 2012

Impromptu Race: Carlsbad Half Marathon!

Last night at book club we were talking about running, mainly because I arrived a sweaty mess after an 8 mile run.  I mentioned that I'd love to be running the Carlsbad Half Marathon this weekend but it always sells out before I buy an entry. Then boom!  My friend Emily mentions she has a bib and won't be in town to run it.

Gorgeous views on the course

Thank you, Running Gods!  I think it might be good running karma because I will be volunteering for 7 hours at the Diva Dash the day before.  Not only am I excited to run this race because it's a fantastic local race along the ocean the entire way, but it also fits beautifully into my training.  My last long run was 12 miles so I am ready to hit 13.1 and there are some nice rolling hills on the course which will be fantastic Boston training.

I don't feel quite ready to race just yet so I will be running this as a training run more than an actual race.  A part of me wishes I knew I was running this ahead of time so I could have trained at some faster paces, but who cares?  C'est la vie!  Either way it will be a blast and the course will be wonderful.  I am hoping to run the full in 2013. 

Wish me luck on Sunday!  And I hope the forecast changes for the Diva Dash this Saturday as there is currently a 50% chance of rain.  Eek!