Thursday, January 12, 2012

Olympic Trials Excitement!

I am so excited about the marathon trials in Houston on Saturday,  you'd think I was racing!  I don't even have a good guess of which females will finish first.   I think they're all amazing and I find it so difficult to root for just one.  Intsead, I am rooting for every single woman out there.   Can you imagine if that was you standing at the start line on Saturday?  I think about the hard work they put in-- the countless hours, the grueling workouts and all of the sacrifices that have been made to get to this point.  Their fate will be determined on Saturday.  Who will make the olympic team? 

Which of these ladies are you rooting for? 
Or, are you rooting for one of the lesser known speedsters?

In addition to following the marathon trials this weekend, I will be adopting a second kitty cat.  We named him Oskar after the little boy in the book, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  Someone tried to light this poor guy on fire so his tail had to be amputated.  He was found under a car, completely frightened and shook up.  He's been traumatized so we want him to get comfortable in his new home.  I am hoping to get some good bonding time in this weekend.

Before his tail surgery

This weekend's long run is up to 11-12 miles.  It sounds so simple, but coming back from an injury really requires easing in, as most of you know.  I've had some great runs this week and I'm starting to feel stronger each day.  My tempo pace is becoming more comfortable and I don't need to take as many rests.  I am also really enjoying my training plan.   I have a crazy, hilly half marathon coming up in a month and I am completely petrified.  A part of me just wants to sell my bib and drop out of the race because I don't feel strong enough to race it.  That would make me such a weakling, so I can't do that, but boy do I want to.

Until then, I'll use all of those fabulously fast ladies to inspire me to push hard and run long. 

Happy running!


  1. Yay on the new kitty! Have a good run this weekend!

  2. I am rooting for Deena K or local gal Desi!

  3. hey you forgot to add my picture in there!!! :)

  4. oskar looks dear, why would some ass wipe want to light him on fire? that makes me really really sad, but happy to know that he has been adopted by a lovely lady that will give him the love he deserves.

    strangely, the order of your first 5 photos is the order i think think the race will go. love kara, but i don't think shes a contender this year.

  5. I have a soft spot for Goucher, but I just wonder if she's up for it, since she's had to deal with injury and childbirth this year. I just started running the last two years, so I'm really excited to get in on the trials fun this weekend.

  6. Congratulations on your new family member and thank you for adopting! I'd love to get ahold of the mother fucker who did that to him. :( I will never, ever, ever, as long as I live, understand how some people can be so purely evil.

  7. Awww, this little kitty is so lucky to have you. :( Poor little thing. So glad you are feeling stronger. Use those hills to practice for Boston! You'll kill 'em! ;)

  8. Yay for adopting animals! I'm routing for Goucher. =)

  9. I am rooting for them all!

    You have a beautiful new kitty. Thanks for opening your home and bringing her into your life!

  10. I'm rooting for Oskar! He's running in the Trials, right? ;)
    (but seriously, I think all of those ladies are incredibly talented. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!)

  11. I actually really love dena Kastor!!! she's awesome!

  12. ahhh i'm in Houston right now and it's buzzing with amazing runners! my money's on desi for tomorrow though. can't wait to watch what is sure to be an epic race!

  13. I am really looking forward to the trials!!! I always like Kara Goucher- I want her to make the team.

    Good luck on your long run!

  14. Having a great time in Houston! We're staying at the same hotel as he majority of tomorrow's runners. Very hard to act mature!!!

  15. What a cute kitty! I seriously want a cat so bad. I can't believe someone was so cruel! Seriously some people are crazy. Enjoy your cuddles this weekend and I hope you have a great run!!!

  16. Go Magdalena! Oakland represent!

    I wish I could watch this thing...what the heck channels is it on?

  17. I'm going for Shalane, Davila and Kastor for the ladies, then Meb, Ritzenhein and Hall for the men. Should be exciting!

  18. Ooh it's hard to pick but I hope Goucher made it -- and hope you had a blast watching.
    I'm so glad that Oskar now has someone to love and protect him. Take care.

    My Running Shortz

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