Thursday, January 26, 2012

On a Mission

It's 80 degrees in January.  I will never get tired of San Diego weather.  It even smells like summer outside.  I can't wait to get out of work and go for a run! 

Yesterday I did an 8 mile tempo run with 5 miles @ tempo pace and 3 miles nice and easy.  My tempo pace has sped up, which I like to see, and I decided to throw in a 6:40/mi for good measure.  Why not? 

I woke up with a positive attitude about my running even though I've been pretty down about my speed (or lack thereof) lately.  But then I saw that Brightroom posted pictures from the Carlsbad Half Marathon.  I was quickly deflated.

Why are race photos so hideous?   I mean, EMZ looks like a fitness model in every single one of her race photos, but me, not so much.  Emz is not "lucky" to have great race photos.  She works so incredibly hard for that killer body that photographs well.  How many people do you know that run 35 miles on a  treadmill for their 35th birthday?  She earns those hot race photos.

I am ready to earn my own awesome race photos.  I am hoping that by my next race I'll have dropped a couple of pounds and can be proud of my pictures (and myself).  I'll never be as ripped as Miss Emz, but I'd like to be my own version of healthy and fit. 

My next race is the San Dieguito Half Marathon, which I am already regretting signing up for. 

I know hills are good for me and I know I need to be running them to prepare for Boston's ups and downs, but I'm not up for it in a race setting quite yet.  I'd so much rather run hills during workouts as opposed to on a course while racing.  I am still barely gaining back my speed and endurance and I'm afraid it will be demoralizing to have everyone pass me up those steep hills.  I need to just suck it up and not focus on my finish time, because whatever it ends up being, it certainly won't be a PR. 

Speaking of hills, I think I'll do some tonight. 

On a mission to a fitter, trimmer Kate! :)