Monday, January 16, 2012

So Many Emotions

This weekend was full of so many conflicting emotions ranging from excitement and glee to sadness and devastation.

The Olympic Marathon Trials filled me with joy and inspiration on Saturday.  It was the best way to kick off a three day weekend.  I have yet to see video but just reading about the race was enough to get me pumped.  I am so proud of Kara Goucher for making the team!  I honestly didn't know if it was in the cards for her because of her recent injury and the birth of her son, but she proved herself and did an incredible job.  I love Shalane Flanagan and was so pleased to see her take #1.  She is such a dedicated athlete and she deserved that spot.  I was also expecting Desiree to make the team, as most of us were, so that was no surprise.  She is one tough cookie and I don't think I saw her crack a smile at all in the post-race interviews.

I have to admit, my heart breaks a little for Amy Hastings.  When I put myself in her shoes I can only imagine the devastation of being the "runner up".  However, it would have been even more devastating had it been a closer race.  I just think she seems like such a sweetheart and I hope to see her make the Olympic team some day.

I read all about the trials and then hit the road for 12 miles.  It was the perfect precursor to a good run.  I wish I was running longer long-runs at this point but I am practicing patience and training smart.  I had a nice solid run and stuck to a good pace the entire way.  I purposely planned my route so that I would run down hill on the way out and be forced to come all the way back up on the way back.  Heartbreak Hill is haunting me and I want to be prepared.  I hope this helps.

Where inspiring events had me excited, other events had me saddened this weekend.  I'm sure you've all heard about recent events with Beth's cousin, Sherry.  I am left horrified, angry and quite honestly, frightened.   I'm sure you remember the Chelsea King tragedy back in 2010 that took place right here in San Diego County.   It is tragic that this continues to happen and because it does I am becoming more cautious and far less trusting.  I now run all of my weekday runs on the treadmill because I am too afraid to run alone at night.  Unfortunately, not all of us have treadmills to run on safely in our homes so we take to the streets.  I know I always did.  It's just so sad that doing something we love and something that is so beneficial to us can also be so dangerous.  It is completely unfair.

I continue to think of Sherry's family every day and I will be dedicating all of my runs from here until Boston to her, her family, her students and her loved ones.

Run Happy (and safe)!


  1. Beautiful, thank you for this. I love the idea of dedicating your runs to Sherry. <3

  2. What happened to Sherry has really changed the way I think about running alone...especially at night. I had never feared this before. Good for you for being smart and cautious with your training and listening to your body.

  3. scary how life changes in the blink of an eye and how we take for granted the things that make us feel "safe"

  4. the trials were indeed exciting and inspiring! so sad to hear about sherry. i know i often take my safety for granted, but hopefully out of this tragedy comes increased awareness of the dangers out there, especially for us runners.

  5. I agree with a lot fo these comments, I just can't believe that could happen to someone and I wont be running at night anymore.

  6. I am a big Desi fan..I just admire her grit. I really wanted to see Deena make the team too, but wasn't in the cards. And I agree, I was sad about Amy Hastings.

    Sherry. What a horrible story. Can't stand it. Today on my solo run I was thinking about her and getting mad about the whole thing. I hope she is resting peacefully. We shouldn't have to give up our streets, bottom line.

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