Monday, February 6, 2012

Girls' Getaway and a Winner!

Last Friday night (cue Katy Perry) my girlfriends and I went on a little staycation.  We're lucky that we live in a vacation destination because staying close to home is still tons of fun.  We booked a hotel room in Del Mar and went out for dinner and drinks.  One of our friends is knocked up -- like ready to pop! -- so she called it a night while we stayed out dancing and having a gay old time. 

I have gotten so used to not drinking that waking up the next day was a challenge.  I had a headache and felt like a waste of space.  We went out for breakfast in Solana Beach and then walked around and did a little shopping.  Every bench or chair we saw was instantly occupied by one of us hungover girls.  It was hard just to move. 

I'd say we look pretty chipper considering the night before...

When I eventually got back to my apartment I immediately slipped into bed for a nice long nap.  It was such a beautiful day but I spent my late afternoon under covers catching some Zs.  I was supposed to run that day and I never skip a training run.  Ever.  Until now.  Running the day after drinking is rough.  I don't know how some of you people do it.  Luckily, it was a cut-back week so I was supposed to keep my mileage low.  Thank goodness for that or I would be having some major training guilt right now.  I don't drink often for this very reason, but in all fairness, it was worth every sip.  We had a great time and staycations with good friends are a darn good reason to drink up.

I redeemed myself on Sunday when Ang and I went on a beautiful 10 miler up at Torrey Pines.  We discovered some new trails by UCSD so we finished up our run somewhere brand new and beautiful.  That's the great thing about running -- even when you think you've seen it all, there are always new places to discover.  

Miss Angela

The new trail!

And the lucky winner of a HUGE Box of
PopChips is...#58

Deanna G.
And she loves Sea Salt & Vinegar flavor
**E-mail me with your home address and I'll get those in the mail ASAP.


  1. Ahhh I want to move to Cali and go on all the cool getaways that you do! I feel you on the drinking! I had a large glass of red wine in Thursday night last week while having girls night and it make it really difficult for me to function normally most of Friday. I miss the days of instant rebound.

  2. i hardly ever drink, too and i feel the same way as you did, often even just after a couple drinks! but i agree, sometimes it is worth it : ) that's a killer looking trail, btw!

  3. Can I come to Cali and hang out with you guys?! Seriously, the places you go running look unreal. I don't drink (weird, I know) so I have no idea what it feels like to try and run the next day. I guess that's a good thing? :)

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous blue sky! I would love to enjoy that view every day!

  5. Yeah, I've struggled with a few morning after runs. Not pretty.
    That trail looks gorgeous!!
    My Running Shortz

  6. I'm the same way these days. Even one glass of wine leaves me feeling not-so-stellar in the morning. My college self would laugh at my current self.

  7. More than one drink just makes me skip the fun buzz and head straight for hangover town, which pretty much takes the fun out of it! Running after a night of drinking definitely wouldn't happen for me! Beautiful trail you found :)

  8. okay, so what shorts are those???! That is the top I want...or one of them...the glycerin right?

  9. Oooh running on a hangover. I hate it. But I feel I deserve it. And then I DO feel better afterwards...

  10. Forget the drinking -I'm movin' to Cali. Those pictures look beautfiul and springy. Great job rockin' the hangover run.
    Cold & Gray in Utah

  11. Yikes I'm behind on blog reading. Those pictures make me miss California, kinda done with winter here this year.
    Finally, I think I'm going to bookmark this post because I am one of those that drinks then goes and tries to run wondering why I'm so slow and such a loo-zher! I love how you referred to yourself as a "waste of space". Ha so true! But how do you not drink anymore ever!? That would be so hard!
    Ps bought A Fine Balance, soon as I finish Unbroken I'm all over it.

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