Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bravo, Boston 2012 Survivors!

The 2012 Boston Marathon is officially over and done.  There is so much excitement leading up to Marathon Monday and then so quickly it is over.  If there was ever a year to be injured and miss the race, it would be this year.  I am looking at it as a blessing in disguise.  I am such a wimp in the heat; I probably would have cried like a baby and crawled to the finish line begging for mercy.   That's assuming I'd make it to the finish line, which is questionable.   It was a scary day and hundreds were hospitalized.   It's surprising that number wasn't higher.  The BAA did a great job warning participants ahead of time and offering deferrals.   I probably received 10 emails in the week leading up to the race warning me about the weather.

Source: IB Times

Source: The Boston Globe

With that said, the women and men that ran 26.2 miles in the unrelenting heat are my heroes!  Some cried.  Some walked.  Some shuffled their way to the finish.  But they all made it!  I was constantly checking on Miss Zippy, Amanda, Dorothy and Gracie, and was thrilled to read that they all survived Boston 2012.  Although their times were much slower than their norms (Miss Zippy had a personal worst) they somehow conquered the course and the grueling temperatures in the middle of the day.  That takes some serious spirit!  Gracie managed to run a 3:24!  I found enough inspiration in one day, from these 4 women, to last me the rest of the year.


On a completely different note, I decided I could really benefit from a foot transplant, if science ever gets around to it.  I went for a trail run on Sunday and wound up walking because the outside of my foot was killing me.  It wasn’t even the injured foot! I was frustrated, needless to say, and was forced to hang out on the elliptical the next day.   Today, I will try to run again.   Fingers crossed both feet are pain-free.

If you could replace any body part with a shiny new one that was immune to injury, which would you choose?

How do you think you would have fared in Boston?