Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Michelle Obama Puts Me to Shame!

Did any of you have the pleasure of watching our first lady work up a sweat on the Biggest Loser last night?  Well, I did, and I was smiling the entire time.  I was at the gym and I'd forgotten my headphones so I wasn't able to hear anything, but who needs audio when you see this on your TV screen?

I covet her arms!  Michelle Obama is seriously buff.  I think it so great that our first lady is working so hard to get families moving and active when we are faced with an obesity epidemic.  If I were the first lady, I'd be a little hesitatnt about being on a prime time TV show, so I give her major props for showing up and working out with all of the BL folks.  According to an article I read (remember, I had no headphones) she told one of the contestants "On Tuesdays, I work out, and I watch you all. I find myself increasing my incline as I watch you work out."  I believe it!

I think I might pee myself if Michelle Obama showed up at one of my workouts.  Then again, she is so down to earth, I'm sure we'd quickly become BFFs.  Here are some more Obama arms for inspiration!


I think I'll go lift some weights now...