Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Return to Running and Letting Boston Go

Okay, maybe it was only a measly 5 miles or so, but I did it!  I ran!  My mom, step-dad and little sister are in town, so we went for a hike on Friday.  While hiking, I decided to test out my foot and run a little bit here and there.  There was no pain whatsoever.  The next day, I woke up feeling great!  I decided to go for a nice and easy run on the bay, where my family is renting a house.  The next day, my calves were aching but my foot was just fine.

I waited a day before running again, like a smart runner.  I went on my second pain-free run with Angela last night as my little sister rode a rented beach cruiser behind us.  It was a beautiful night, and the sun was preparing to set as we made our way around the bay.  Now that the sun doesn't set until 7:00 or so, I can take advantage of running on the beach or the bay after work.  This is something I greatly miss during the winter months. 

Me and my baby sister, post-run/bike

This is a somewhat somber time for me right now as I should be flying to Boston this weekend.  I should be picking up my bib, exploring the city and eating pizza to carb up for the big day.  I should be setting out my race outfit this Sunday night and I should be feeling butterflies in my stomach.  I should be experiencing taper madness right now and excitement all at once.  Instead, I am barely running 5 miles and feeling grateful for that.  I am so excited for everyone that is running this Monday.  I just wish I could be there. There were so many people I was looking forward to meeting in Boston and I had so much pent up nervousness for Heartbreak Hill.  All of this will have to wait; the butterflies, the carbs, Heartbreak Hill.  There is always another year.  I will try to qualify again this year and run in 2014.  2014 just feels so far away.  I'll be 27, nearly 28!  So much can change by then.

Change is inevitable.  I just hope that in 2 years I am equally as excited about marathons and in even better shape.  I hope I still find enjoyment in tempo runs and comfort in slow, quiet, solo runs.    I hope that I listen to my body and follow a training plan.  I hope I am wiser and more cautious than I am today.   If all of this is so, I will run a great Boston Marathon in a few years! 

Bye-Bye, Boston.  Bye-Bye, cool jacket.