Monday, July 30, 2012

So Doggone Happy!

I  have several fun giveaways and reviews coming up soon, but before I let that fun begin, I thought I'd update you on my life.  There are a million and one photos in this post -- you have officially been warned.

Angela and I are now puppy parents!  We recently adopted my little sister's former dog, Holly.  She is the sweetest pooch on earth, and I swear my quality of life has improved ten-fold since we took her in.  How can you be grumpy or irritable when you have the most adorable little doggie giving you puppy kisses and wagging their tail at you?  I actually wake up and smile in the morning because her cute little face is right next to mine.  This is unthinkable as I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. 

That is the face I wake up to every day.

Holly loves our running trails!

Doggie's first trip to Dog Beach!
 She is almost two years old and is absolutely perfect.  She sleeps with me every night and has become quite attached to me in a short time.  We are flying back to Chicago this Wednesday on a red-eye and we paid $250 to bring Holly with.  Isn't that an outrageous fee?  She will be sitting in her bag at my feet the entire time.  I was shocked at the cost. 

On the running front, my mileage is getting back up there.  I ran 17 this Sunday, and crazily enough, I ran each mile on the treadmill.  I know, I know, what kind of crazy person besides EMZ runs that much on a treadmill?  I slept in too late and didn't want to endure the hot sun for over two hours, so I hit the 'mill and watched Running the Sahara as inspiration.  17 miles feels like a piece of cake when you're watching three men run 100 times the distance, literally 1,700 miles.  I love that movie! Does anyone else get so irritated by Charlie at the end when he leaves the other two behind?  I still can't get over that.  The other guys responded so maturely and with such kindness.  I, on the other hand, would have been pissed.

unconditional love.  puppy kisses after a sweaty, 17 miler.

We are headed to Chicago this Wednesday to meet Angela's newest nephew, Eli, and hopefully meeting my newest nephew, Leo, as well, but he has yet to be born.  The clock is ticking!  I told my sister to go for a run, have sex, and drink milk of magnesia so that baby comes before I leave to return to San Diego.  She is convinced he'll be here soon.  Crossing my fingers!  While we're home we'll get to play with all of our adorable nieces and nephews that we miss terribly.  2,000 miles is quite far when you are away from these cute little faces! 


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  1. I loved that movie! Yeah, there were some definite attitude problems! Holly is very cute.

  2. Your dog is too cute!!!! love love her face!!!
    17 miles on the machine is crazy...! good for you!
    have a great time in Chicago!!

  3. in the picture of you on the floor are you wearing the new Ghost 5? do you like them?
    I just got the 4s and I really like them

  4. Chi town - home sweet home...Drink some air for me!

  5. OMG - your little dog is simply adorable. Reminds me of how badly I want/need one again in my life :)

  6. Hi there! Popped into your blog "by accident" while googling "Scott Jurek". I am reading "Born to run" nowadays, and just read an article about him in "Runner´s World". What an amazing person he seems to be. It seems like you, just like me, are a huge fan of his.

    I visited San Diego a few years ago, what a nice area! Lucky you who have the possibility to run outside all year around.

    Line from Norway, Northern Europe

  7. Having a dog is the BEST thing ever! I agree ~ how can you feel down when you have those sweet faces looking at you :)
    Love all your cute pics!

    My Running Shortz

  8. Gorgeous kids and a gorgeous dog! NIce work!

  9. Oh my goodness, that dog is the cutest thing!!! Look at that little face!!!! Adorable li'l kiddos, too! Hope you got to meet your nephew! :)

  10. Hi Kate! Just found your blog and am a fellow vegan and runner! I loved Running the Sahara and totally agree with you about the last stretch in Egypt and found Charlie very irritating. Uggh!

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