Thursday, November 29, 2012

Looking on the Bright Side of Injury

Being injured really sucks.  There is no way around it.  Yes, things could be worse.  A lot worse.  I could be Paula Radcliffe and realizing that my career is about to end because of an injury.  (Read more here) But that doesn't make it any less frustrating or disappointing.  I am mostly frustrated because I worked hard to train for a marathon and now, all of the endurance and speed I gained is quickly diminishing right before my eyes.  I ran my marathon and wasn't pleased with my time, but rather than get back to work, I am becoming BFFs with the elliptical and hardly running at all. 

Paula Radcliffe pulling out of the Olympic marathon in Athens.

My running life has been a series of training followed by injury.  This pattern has been going on far too long. I usually spend my injured time wallowing and hating life (maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration) but I am trying to avoid negativity at all costs.  Nobody likes to be around me when I'm injured and I'd like to keep my friends.  Therefore, I am making an attempt at looking on the bright side of injury.  I know what you're thinking:  "There is a BRIGHT SIDE to injury?  Lady, you are off your rocker!"  That second part is definitely true.

If you're injured, I encourage you to think about all of the things you CAN do when you CAN'T run. There just has to be a bright side, and I am going to find it.

Here goes...

Being injured allows me to...
  • Read more
  • Spend more time walking my darling doggie
  • Focus on recovery
  • Sleep in and then proceed to drink an entire pot of coffee on Saturday mornings
  • Go out with friends more often  *Running tends to make me a tad bit of a hermit crab.
  • Use my gym membership
  • Stay up late without stressing about missing my morning run
  • Watch hours of Pretty Little Liars *my latest guilty pleasure -- don't judge!
  • Journal and reflect
  • Skype with my family
  • Hang out at the beach
  • Get psyched about Boston training because I WILL be injury-free in time to train!

I'd say that's a pretty good list there.  Ahh.  A sigh of relief.  This too shall pass...


I was hanging out on the Oiselle Athlete's page, and I really love the sentence they ask their athletes to complete:  If I was stranded in a hotel room with one movie and one book, they would be… 

I would choose Everything Beautiful Began After by Simon Van Booy because his writing is so beautiful; I can't get enough of it.  My second runner up would be Wild by Cheryl Strayed.  I just finished it and wouldn't mind reading it again.

As for the movie, it's a tough call.  Initially, I was thinking of a really great French movie because I can watch those over and over again.  But I decided on Unbreakable because I never get tired of watching those guys run. Talk about a Runnerd!

What is your answer? 
I really want to know!  Humor me!


  1. You are very wise to look for the bright side of being injured! I think it's an opportunity to look at how we can improve and make ourselves stronger, and ipbeing injured always makes me appreciate running that much more.
    My answer is The Daily Coyote by Shreve Stockton because her story helped me look at things, that I have very strong opinions about, from a different perspective. and the movie... hmmm...I never get tired of When Harry Met Sally! Such a great feel good movie :)

  2. Ah, Kate, I love you. Love your spirit. Love your soul. Love this and such great tips for the injured. Really, so much to gain from that time off running even though it sucks too. Good question here. Not sure how I would answer it but adding your books to my list because I think I'd like them too. IN fact, I'm ordering them on Amazon right this second..that's how much I value your opinion. Oh, REd Tent...that was one of my favs. And movies...hmmm, I'll think on that. Love Actually is one of my favs. xo

  3. So sorry you are injured. I agree you have the best attitude ! Ok for the question book : Quelques Adieux by Marie Lagerge is my favorite. In English ... I would bring what is next on my table Sing you home by Jodi picoult or A train in the winter by Caroline Moorehead. Movie: 4 wedding and a funeral is my favorite

  4. ooh I like this question. For the book I would pick The Kite Runner, or the Pale Blue Eye. Love the writing in both of those. For the movie - Memoirs of a Geisha. I loved that book too but the movie was delicious.

    It's great that you're trying to be positive. I often think about how much time I waste wishing I was at a different point (not injured, not stressed etc). Sometimes you just have to go with what's happening and enjoy it. That seems to be a lesson I have to learn over and over again.

  5. Earlier this year, I got hooked on Pretty Little Liars. I think it was the intro song that lured me in -- I love that song.

    Now I just need to add Unbreakable to my Netflix queue.

  6. Oh man, being injured is the worst!! I am so sorry! I hope you feel better soon. And also-- OMG I am the SAME re Pretty Little Liars. It's so bad and yet I cannot get enough of it!!!!
    As for the answer to your question-- I am not a huge movie person, so I would ask to have season one of Veronica Mars instead. I could watch that over and over! For a book, it would need to be something hilarious to keep me entertained, like Me Talk Pretty One Day.

  7. Kate, I'm so sorry you're dealing with injury :( I'm hoping you can run/walk a couple of miles once you get to Portland to experience the trails!! I do love Unbreakable, it's been one of my new favorites! Keep your head up, much love :)

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  9. kate, i'm sorry - this comment isn't about your post. it's about you, your attitude and running. and my admiration of all that. "Running is my therapy. It allows me to push myself and do things I never thought possible. It has shown me that the only limitations are the ones I place on myself. Running is such a great metaphor for life, with it's ups and downs, struggles and triumphs." -> these are your words.

    i must say - your blog inspires me, really.

    you have my biggest support!
    i found your blog via google search. now i'm becomming follower! ;)

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I am glad to have you as a follower!

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